Ticket2U Thermal Facial Recognition (Video)

Ticket2u| 29 Apr 2020

Ticket2U, a MSC Status Company, Malaysia Book of Records Holders and Multiple International Awards Winner introducing you our latest enhanced product, Ticket2U Thermal Facial Recognition.

Ticket2U Thermal Facial Recognition

Ticket2U Live Demo

1. Detect Facial Thermal
2. Check-In & Attendance System, Instant Reporting
3. Mask Detection & Alert
4. Local / Server Storage
5. Gate / Turnstile Compatible
6. 1 Year Warranty
7. Setup & Installation
8. Service Guarantee

Book now at https://www.ticket2u.com.my/event/18294/ticket2u-thermal-facial-recognition-(payment)

https://www.ticket2u.com.my/blog/85/Ticket2U Thermal Facial Recognition (Video)

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