Sabah Dragon Boat Race

Likas Bay
Likas Bay, Likas, 88400, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
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Organised in conjunction with the Duan Wu festival, this Chinese tradition has evolved throughout the years into one of the main sporting events in Sabah. The 2nd Sabah FCAS International Dragon Boat Race 2015 will continue to invite teams from overseas and local. As the drum beats at the public park, Likas, the dragon boat racing also include more activities such as dumpling cooking competition, local food festival, photography competition and lion/dragon dance performance, to make the events more exciting in line with carnival concept and continue to promote the Chinese culture. Watch in excitement as local and international teams beat their drums and synchronize their paddling, while racing to the finish line.

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Terms and Conditions

* The Racing Categories that will be contested are listed at the entry form. A minimum of 3 entries from different Organizations are required per category to start the race. * Entry is open to all Dragon Boat Teams. * All teams are required to make your own arrangements of accommodation. Please refer to for the list of accommodation. * The organiser will arrange for the team’s transportation with a minimal cost. Transfers are from the Airport to the hotel, hotel to the training area at the Sutera Harbour Marina & Country Club and hotel to the race venue (please refer to the common itinerary). * Meals or food can be purchased from the various stalls at the race venue. The organiser do not provide any meals for the teams however can assist in preparing packed lunch at a cost provided that the team inform the organiser at least 2 days before the event. * Prizes will consist of trophy, medals and cash. * Any team that fails to observe the rules and regulations herein may be disqualified. * A team must follow the directions of the Race Officials from the time it is called to the Embarkation Area, until it leaves the Embarkation Area after its race. * Each team must have a Team Captain, who must be present in the Embarkation area during the time that the crew is under the control of the Race Officials. The Team Captain will represent the team at the prize presentation ceremony. * The entry fee paid is non-refundable should the team decide to withdraw from the races or should the races be cancelled for reasons beyond the Organizer’s control. * The Organizer reserves the right to refuse the entry of a team in the race at its sole discretion. * Each team member must be able to swim at least 100 meters wearing light clothing. It is the responsibility of the team manager/captain entering a team to make sure that all members of the team comply with this rule. * Each competitor is solely responsible for his or her own safety during official practice sessions and during the races and no responsibility will be accepted by the Organizer or any individual or organization connected directly or indirectly with the race for any death, injury, damage or loss and whatsoever incurred or borne by competitors or member of a team. * Each team shall be free to choose his/her own attire for the race provided that it is not transparent materials. * Each registered team is allowed to take part only in ONE (1) category of the 800 meters race and 1 category of the 200 meters race. * The number of persons registered in each team for 20 crew race shall be 25 consisting of: 1 Team Manager, 18 Rowers, 1 Coach/Trainer, 1 Coxswain, 1 Drummer, 3 Reserves. * The number of persons registered in each team for 12 crew race shall be 16 consisting of: 1 Team Manager, 10 Rowers, 1 Coach/Trainer, 1 Coxswain, 1 Drummer, 2 Reserves. * All Team Managers must report to the Race Secretariat at least One Hour before each race. * All teams must be in the embarking enclosure at the Embarking Area fifteen (15) minutes before each race. * All boats and paddles shall be provided by the Organizer. The allocation of boats and paddles to individual teams shall be the sole discretion of the Organizer. Teams may use their own paddles with the confirm IDBF specification. * No modifications or additions to the boat or the equipment may be made by any competitor or team. * All registered Team Managers must attend the Team Managers Meeting. * All Managers shall be briefed on the rules and regulations at the meeting. * The heat / lane draws shall be conducted at this meeting. * All teams including those who are not able to attend this meeting must abide the results of this meeting. * All registered teams are required to attend the official opening and closing ceremonies without exceptions. * No woman may participate in a men’s team or vice versa, except as a Coxswain and/or drummer. A mixed team shall race with a minimum of eight (8) female rowers up to a maximum of twelve (12) in a 20 crew race and a minimum of four (4) female rowers up to a maximum of six (6) in a 12 crew race. * Each team must comply with the race rules and be fully responsible for its own conduct. * All racing team members must be at the Embarking Area when called by Race Officials. * Any crew who turns up late shall be disqualified automatically. * The team is not permitted to choose which boat to use and must use the boat allocated to it by the Organizer. * All teams must place their boats behind the starting line and must position at their respective assigned lanes. * Each race shall be started by a single shot with a starting pistol. * A second shot immediately following the first shot shall call indicate false start and the race shall be restarted. * For detailed terms & conditions, please visit website:

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