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Billy Kueek International
Billy Kueek International, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
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PennyWise Talk will be organized at Billy Kueek International on 23rd April 2016 (Saturday).

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Want to learn how to Manage your Money in a PROPER, PROACTIVE & PROFITABLE WAY? And learn Money Habits that Make You Wealthy?

Most people love to spend and shop. However when it comes to making money - especially managing money - it can suddenly go from being a pleasure to a source of anxiety or head-scratching.

According to the Malaysia Department of Insolvency, more and more youths under 25 years old are tackling bad debt and, more alarmingly, BANKRUPTCY, at a very worrying rate.

Through a general survey of more than 90,800 people, the Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency (AKPK) found that most (23%) attributed the main cause of their debt issue to be due to POOR FINANCIAL PLANNING.

With the custom-designed PennyWise Program, based on Penny Choong's real-life applications and financial-savvy skills, everyone can foster good money habits that will re-align, reward & replicate prosperity.

In this talk, Penny will share some tips on how you can start planning your path to financial independence. Discover the SUCCESS formula that has enabled Penny to retire in her early 30s and now share her passion and knowledge in order to empower you.

This could be the best investment of your life! Can you afford to miss this?

PennyWise Program - Money Mastery is about learning the techniques that Penny personally utilizes in a strategic manner, in order to optimize your money, slay the ‘debt monster’ and ultimately grow your wealth.

With PennyWise Program - Money Mastery, learn to take charge of your finances and:
- Discover successful people's secret to financial prosperity
- Determine your Financial Independence Figure & create your personal financial blueprint
- Explore & master the techniques successful people use to take charge of their finances
- Design & implement money goals that produces results - every time
- Implement money concepts that improve your financial outlook
- Identify & rectify unhealthy money blockages
- Design your debt repayment plan and slay the debt monster, once and for all
- Explore strategies and methods to invest & manage your risks

PennyWise Program - Mind Mastery equips you with the knowledge & skills to resolve personal blockages, remove limiting beliefs and negative baggage so that everyone can Live life By Design! The syllabus taught follows that of the American Board of NLP (ABNLP), the largest NLP certifying body in the world. As a certified NLP Practitioner & Financial Coach you can offer coaching services & create a second income stream for yourself.

Change your mindset for endless financial possibilities with PennyWise Program - Mind Mastery and:
- Discover how to attract & generate unlimited success in life
- Unleash your potential and achieve consistent results to produce maximum financial success
- Eliminate self-limiting beliefs on your wealth producing potential
- Enhance your financial performance by aligning your goals with your inner values
- Create limitless financial opportunities by improving negotiation, communication and persuasion skills
- Discover & remove financially destructive spending habits
- Identify & manage negative money emotions
- Identify & create wealth producing thoughts and language patterns

PennyWise Program - Mind Mastery is delivered in partnership with Billy Kueek International (BKI), Asia’s 1st ABNLP approved Institute with 2 NLP Master Trainers, Dr Billy Kueek & Ms Lim Kit Wan. It is one of the most sought-after training providers for NLP programs, and is well-known for their top-notch trainings, competence & expertise.

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