How Ticket2U Overcome Covid-19 Crisis

11 March (MCO Day -7)

WHO Declared Worldwide Pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11 declared COVID-19 a pandemic, pointing to the over 118,000 cases of the coronavirus illness in over 110 countries and territories around the world and the sustained risk of further global spread. (Vox)

16 March (MCO Day -2)

Malaysia Declare MCO

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has declared that the entire country will be on a movement control order starting from March 18 to 31. (The Star)

18 March (MCO Day 1)

Ticket2U (WFH) Work From Home

First day of MCO, Ticket2U team started work from home. High refund cases. High volume of event cancels and postponed. Traffics and sales drop to 3 figures lowest daily. Event and ticketing industry has been 100% affected. All clients and event organisers has no idea to when and how to overcome this unprecedented crisis.

21 March (MCO Day 4)

Agreed Join Forced to Build CovidTrack.Live

Ticket2U, as pioneering event technology platform in Malaysia, agreed to join forced as technology partner to contribute resources and effort to build a Covid-19 Safe Tracking System (CovidTrack.Live) within days for community usages in self-tracking safety with simple QR Scan Check-In.

25 March (MCO Day 8)

Launched Covid-19 Special Relief Promo

As CSR in return during this pandemic, Ticket2U offered -50% of payment charges (up to -90% depending on campaign) to all SME and NGO to promote their packages, pre-sales, vouchers, products, donations, essentials items and virtual events. Setup and live every sales within hours.

28 March (MCO Day 11)

Introduce Ticket2U Thermal Facial

As Malaysia Book of Records holder in First Interactive Kiosk, Ticket2U is now introducing our new launched product, Thermal Facial Detection Check-In. Now, you can deploy this product on any premises, stores, shops, or even on any type of events. Let everyone scan their thermal automatically, contact-less, touch-less with only scan their face. The system will record their body temperature and recognize them up to your needs or to make it anonymous.

31 March (MCO Day 14)

CovidTrack.Live is now Live! is now LIVE! An application to safe track covid-19 patient QR check-in system. 久等的疫情追蹤打卡系統正式啓用了,馬上到 網址吧!

7 April (MCO Day 21)

Thermal Facial Ready for Sale!

Our team has finished up our latest Ticket2U Facial Recognition Attendance System and tested by our founder while WFH. This terminal comes with TTFAS (Ticket2U Thermal Facial Attendance System). This devices suitable for offices, premises, buildings, factories, schools, centers, shopping malls and more. 3 week lead time from booking to installation.

9 April (MCO Day 23)

Collaboration with Zoo Negara

As part of Ticket2U CSR initiative, we collaborate with Zoo Negara for a donation campaign package which helps to raise funding for the animals in Zoo Negara which suffer from zero sales income during this Covid-19 pandemic and MCO. Online adoptions, choose animals and amount you wish to donate, make payment, issue E-Ticket and E-Certificate with name printed on your choosen animals, and buyer can redeem their goodies after MCO with our E-Ticket with only App scan by Zoo Negara which makes everything simple and easy.

10 April (MCO Day 24)

Ticket2U Sales Increased Tremendously

Ticket2U has break numerous records in this Covid-19 pandemic from 3 figures sales back to 7 figures sales by doing good in CSR with minimal to no-profit. This has proven our technology and solutions can help most SME and NGO to get through this economic crisis as well as get high exposures and traffics from medias, news, seo and social medias. This has even boosted our team and partners confident that Ticket2U are not only pioneering in event ticketing but our technology can be pivot to more industries and use cases.

11 April (MCO Day 25)


Received good news that two of our initiatives during this MCO and Covid-19 pandemic are now listed under MDEC #DIGITALVSCOVID programs. We hope this CSR and movement can help more SME and Malaysian to overcome this pandemic specially in economic and health issues.

20 April (MCO Day 34)

Ticket2U Still Ranked No.1 In

Let data speak itself. Big impact hit event ticketing industry that almost all platforms in Malaysia had seriously suffered from traffic drop. Ticket2U still stay strong and remained on top as usual, with increased of traffic, breaking highest monthly sales records and top on rank.

21 April (MCO Day 35)

Ticket2U Founder Live Interviewed by MCO @ Home Series 2

'The Why - Beyond Ticketing' on how we survived and pivoted our business with technology, achieved 2,000% growth for the month of April and helped SME, NGO.

22 April (MCO Day 36)

Ticket2U Founder Live Interviewed by EntreVestor

'现有的科技如何应用在疫情中' 二维码疫情追踪,人脸识别,体温检测

25 April (MCO Day 39)

Ticket2U Sponsored & Subsidised more than RM200K For Charity & SME

In April 2020, Ticket2U CSR Projects of 'Covid-19 Special Relief Projects' has sponsored & subsidised more than RM200K for Charity and SME.

3 May (MCO Day 47)

Ticket2U Featured in The PAGE 商页

Ticket2U 在线售票平台 广招投资者 拟拓展海外