Thermal Facial Detection Check-In

Ticket2u| 27 Mar 2020


1. FACIAL RECOGNITION FOR EVENTFacial Check-In for Gala Dinner and Event


Ticket2U deployed Facial Gate Entry for ESCAPE PJ Theme Park

Ticket2U is now introducing our new launched product, Thermal Facial Detection Check-In. Now, you can deploy this product on any premises, stores, shops, or even on any type of events. Let everyone scan their thermal automatically, contact-less, touch-less with only scan their face. The system will record their body temperature and recognize them up to your needs or to make it anonymous.

Ticket2U Therma Check-In Facial Recognition

Our thermal facial check-in consist of following features,

  • Auto temperature detector
  • Contact-less without any touch needed which reduce risk or virus spreading
  • Facial Recognition enable and recording your check-in log and temperature log
  • Fever warning will be automatically alarm and recorded
  • Mask warning to those who didn't wear mask. This system are also able to detect your face even with mask on.
  • Blacklist and White-list features available.

Ticket2U Therma Check-In Features

This devices are best use during this Covid-19 pandemic on crowded places or working places such as grocery entrance, office buildings, premises, factories, shopping malls, theme parks, events like exhibitions, conferences, dinner or sports events.

Our thermal facial recognition currently out of stock but available for event rental. Contact us for more information.

Facial Recognition for Event Check-In

Other than stand-alone Thermal Facial Recognition devices, Ticket2U has already developed our own in-house Facial Recognition Check-In using Ticket2U Kiosks and Ticket2U Check-In Counter.

Sample above show Ticket2U Facial Recognition with Cloud AI using Ticket2U Exhibition Kiosk.

Sample above show Ticket2U Facial Recognition with Cloud AI using Ticket2U Check-In Counter.

Sample above show Ticket2U Facial Recognition Check-In with Ticket2U Check-In Manage 2.0 App.

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