{{$t("How much does it cost to sell at Ticket2U?")}}

{{$t("With a ZERO setup fee, as well as great service and support for all your needs, you get the best value when you sell your tickets via Ticket2U!")}}

1. {{$t("What is FREE by using Ticket2U?")}}

{{$t("FREE FOR FREE EVENT")}} + {{$t("Free Check-In App")}}

{{$t("ZERO")}} {{$t("Setup Fee")}}

{{$t("FREE")}} {{$t("E-Ticket + QR Code in PDF, Email and SMS")}}

{{$t("FREE")}} {{$t("use of Advanced Settings (Promo Code, Affiliates Link, Discount Period and Capacity, Flexible Form, Seating Chart, Seat Holding, Live Reporting, Virtual Run Management, Table Management, Inventory Management)")}}

{{$t("FREE")}} {{$t("Hotline, Livechat, WhatsApp, and Email Support")}}

{{$t("FREE")}} {{$t("Offline / Manual Key-In (E-Ticket, QR Code, Email, and SMS provided)")}}

{{$t("UNLIMITED USAGE")}} {{$t("of Ticket2U Organiser App & Ticket2U Check-In Manager (QR Code Scan Check-In, Claim System, Participant and Ticket Summary, Offline Mode)")}}

{{$t("Note:")}} {{$t("Ad-hoc notification of Email, SMS and WhatsApp subject to additional charges.")}}

2. {{$t("Ticket Sales Mode")}}

2.1. {{$t("Pass On Fee")}} {{$t("(Pass the charges to buyer. Organiser pay nothing)")}}

2.2. {{$t("Absorb Fee")}} {{$t("(Organiser absorb charges. Buyer pay ticket price exactly)")}}

2.3. {{$t("Split Fee")}} {{$t("(Organiser choose to split / share the charges with buyer. Eg. 2%:3%, 3%:2%)")}}

3. {{$t("Ticket Sales Charges")}}

3.1. {{$t("Standard Fee")}} 6% {{$t("(Normal contract per event basis)")}}

3.2. {{$t("Terms Fee")}} 5% {{$t("(Exclusive 1 year terms with volume more than 1 Million)")}}

3.3. {{$t("High Volume Fee")}} 4% {{$t("(Exclusive 2 years terms with volume more than 5 Millions)")}}

3.4. {{$t("Sub-Account")}} {{$t("(Exclusive 2 years terms with direct payout)")}}

{{$t("Note:")}} {{$t("For more information, please contact us.")}}

4. {{$t("NGO / Charitable Donation")}} (-1%)

-1% {{$t("Sponsored Back")}} {{$t("(Certification proved required)")}}

{{$t("Note:")}} {{$t("To enjoy sponsored back charges, your event must be exclusive event with Ticket2U. All marketing collateral and poster must include Ticket2U official logo. T&C apply.")}}

5. Ticket2U {{$t("Payout")}}

5.1. {{$t("Monthly Payout")}} {{$t("(Cut-off from the first month 16th to second month 15th. Payout will be at 28th every month)")}}

5.2. {{$t("Bi-Weekly Payout")}} {{$t("(Payout will be at 14th and 28th every month)")}}

5.3. {{$t("After Event Payout")}} {{$t("(After event ended within 7 - 14 days)")}}

5.4. {{$t("Ad-hoc Request")}} {{$t("(1 week after request and amount must be more than RM50,000)")}}

5.5. {{$t("Direct Payout")}} {{$t("(Only for Exclusive Sub-Account Merchant)")}}

{{$t("Note:")}} {{$t("Default payout will be after event 7 days. To enroll with our monthly payout, you are required to sign a standard payout agreement with us.")}}

6. {{$t("Payment Processing Options")}}

6.1. FPX - {{$t("Local Bank Transfer")}} {{$t("(Support all local bank payment such as Maybank2u, CIMBClicks, PBe and more)")}}

6.2. {{$t("Credit Card Payment")}} {{$t("(Accept VISA and Mastercards)")}}

6.3. {{$t("Debit Card Payment")}} {{$t("(Accept ATM Cards from Malaysia)")}}

6.4. {{$t("E-Wallet Payment")}} {{$t("(Accept E-Wallets approved by Bank Negara Malaysia)")}}

6.5. {{$t("Offline Payment")}} {{$t("(Accept 7-Eleven Counter Payment and Ticket2u Terminal)")}}

{{$t("Note:")}} {{$t("All payment options all automatically applied for buyer to checkout. No processing fee imposed to any party.")}}

7. Ticket2u {{$t("Check-In / Claim System")}}

7.1. Ticket2U {{$t("Check-In Manager")}} - iOS, Android & Huawei {{$t("(Free Download, Free Usage, Unlimited Scan)")}}

7.2. Ticket2U {{$t("Desktop / Handheld Scanner Rental")}} {{$t("(Contact us for more information - 4 hours, Min. 2 devices, Klang Valley)")}}

7.3. Ticket2U {{$t("Exhibition Kiosk Rental")}} {{$t("(Contact us for more information)")}}

7.4. Ticket2U {{$t("Lead Scanner")}} {{$t("(Contact us for more information)")}}

7.5. Ticket2U {{$t("Facial Recognition Check-In")}} {{$t("(Contact us for more information)")}}

7.6. Ticket2U {{$t("Crew")}} {{$t("(Contact us for more information - 4 hours, Klang Valley)")}}

{{$t("Note:")}} {{$t("For more information regarding outstation fees, lucky draw system, table management, WhatsApp invitation, custom modification, seating chart setting, please contact us.")}}

8. Ticket2U {{$t("Interactive Event Management System")}}

8.1. {{$t("Lucky Draw System")}} {{$t("(Numbered or Name Lucky Draw, based on checked-in participants)")}}

8.2. {{$t("Treasure Hunt System")}} {{$t("(Eg, Hunt QR Codes during event)")}}

8.3. {{$t("Pre and Post Survey Form")}} {{$t("(Contact us for more information)")}}

8.4. {{$t("Live Questionaire and Polling System")}} {{$t("(Contact us for more information)")}}

8.5. {{$t("FaceCount 1.0 - Attendees AI Statistic")}} {{$t("(Contact us for more information)")}}

8.6. Ticket2U {{$t("Theme Park Management System")}} {{$t("(Contact us for more information)")}}

8.7. Ticket2U {{$t("Facial Photo Finder")}} {{$t("(Contact us for more information)")}}

8.8. {{$t("Business Matching App")}} {{$t("(Contact us for more information)")}}

8.9. Ticket2U {{$t("Webinar")}} {{$t("(Contact us for more information)")}}

{{$t("T & C Applied")}} : {{$t("All above are limited to Terms & Conditions applied as different event may subject to additional requirement and services. Official agreement will be provided.")}}

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