Where are my tickets?

Already purchased your event tickets via Ticket2u but can’t find them? Here’s how.

1. Check your confirmation e-mail / SMS.

Your tickets are sent to your order confirmation e-mail as an attached PDF file. You can choose to print your ticket anytime for safekeeping.

Note: Some event organisers may disable PDF tickets as the event does not require attendees to check-in. In this case, you will not receive a PDF ticket attached to your order confirmation e-mail, nor will you receive a link to download your tickets.

2. Find your tickets using the Ticket2u Mobile App.

Access your ticket QR code/Barcode and find more event information using the Ticket2u Mobile App available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Note: You will required to registered and login before you make the purchase.

3. Log in and go to My Ticket on Ticket2u.com.my or Ticket2u.com.sg.

Register an account using e-mail or any social media login.

As Ticket2u is the brainchild of CloudHAX.com, you may use the same login details on CloudHAX.com to login to Ticket2u.com.my or Ticket2u.com.sg, or vice versa.

Access the menu on your top right and click on My Ticket on the navigation. You can always print your ticket anytime for safekeeping.

4. Resend ticket to your email.

Search for the event where your have purchased the ticket. Check for the green button 'Retrieve Ticket'. Insert your email used to purchased the ticket and system will resend your ticket to your email.

5. Contact the organiser.

If none of the above has helped, contact the event organiser for assistance.

6. Optional: Contact us if the organiser hasn’t responded.

If you haven’t heard from the organiser, contact us. You may be required to prove your identification by answering several questions for us to confirm your identity.