{{$t("Where are my tickets?")}}

{{$t("Already purchased your event tickets via Ticket2U but can’t find them? Here’s how.")}}

{{$t("1. Check your confirmation e-mail / SMS.")}}

{{$t("Your tickets are sent to your order confirmation e-mail as an attached PDF file. You can choose to print your ticket anytime for safekeeping.")}}

{{$t("Note:")}} {{$t("Some event organisers may disable PDF tickets as the event does not require attendees to check-in. In this case, you will not receive a PDF ticket attached to your order confirmation e-mail, nor will you receive a link to download your tickets.")}}

{{$t("2. Optional: Facial Recognition Ticket.")}}

{{$t("Some events or theme parks in Ticket2U has activated Facial Recognition Check-In. Once you registered, purchased, or invited to the event/park, you will received a separate email for Facial Recognition Selfie Upload. You just need to upload/selfie yourself and just walk to the event/park on event day without ticket required.")}}

{{$t("Note:")}} {{$t("You can also find the [Register Face] link at [My Ticket History] if the event is Facial Recognition activated.")}}

{{$t("3. Find your tickets using the Ticket2U Mobile App.")}}

{{$t("Access your ticket QR code/Barcode and find more event information using the Ticket2U Mobile App available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.")}}

{{$t("Note:")}} {{$t("You will required to registered and login before you make the purchase.")}}

{{$t("4. Log in and go to [My Ticket] on Ticket2U.com.my, Ticket2U.com.sg or Ticket2U.id.")}}

{{$t("Register an account using e-mail or any social media login.")}}

{{$t("You may use the same login details to login to Ticket2U.com.my, Ticket2U.com.sg or Ticket2U.id.")}}

{{$t("Access the menu on your top right and click on [My Ticket] on the navigation. You can always print your ticket anytime for safekeeping.")}}

{{$t("5. Resend ticket to your email.")}}

{{$t("Search for the event where your have purchased the ticket. Check for the green button [Retrieve Ticket]. Insert your email used to purchased the ticket and system will resend your ticket to your email.")}}

{{$t("6. Contact the organiser.")}}

{{$t("If none of the above has helped, contact the event organiser for assistance.")}}

{{$t("7. Optional: Contact us if the organiser hasn’t responded.")}}

{{$t("If you haven’t heard from the organiser, contact us. You may be required to prove your identification by answering several questions for us to confirm your identity.")}}