How to contact my event organiser?

Need to contact an event organiser who has hosted an event on Here’s how.

1. Check your confirmation e-mail.

The event organiser’s contact details are available on your purchased event ticket confirmation e-mail. The organiser should respond to your request within 7 days.

Note: Only applicable when your organiser has set their contact details to be provided publically.

2. Search the organiser’s event listing.

Most organisers include their contact details and social media accounts when creating an event to make it easier for you to contact them. Click the "Contact the Organiser" button located on the event listing page to get in touch. The organiser should respond to your request within 7 days.

Note: All organisers on are verified to prevent unauthorised fund transfers and scams. We advise you not to contact organisers with similar-looking events hosted outside of as it might be fraudulent.

3. Optional: Contact us if the organiser hasn’t responded.

If you haven’t heard from the organiser, contact us. You may be required to prove your identification by answering several questions for us to confirm your identity. We may be unable to answer event-specific questions (e.g. collecting race-kits, parking, items to bring to event). However, we will try our best to connect to you to the event organiser.

Note: is the first online ticketing solution in Malaysia with a Live Chat customer service. The Live Chat is opened Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm. We will try out best to answer your questions.

4. Can I request a refund from the organiser?

Our refund policy is dependent on the organiser’s agreed terms and conditions. ticket purchases are secured with an Escrow Protected account (However, organisers have the choice to activate this payment option).