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{{$t("Ticket2U is an online ticketing and event management platform that helps you buy and sell,")}}
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{{$t("Live statistic of ticket, participant, t-shirt, check-in, check-out, claims and more")}}

{{$t("Still using traditional way of hardcopy guest list, long queue registration, excel sheets and few days long of race-kit collection? Find out more on how")}} {{$t("We can help you.")}}

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{{$t("Perfect for Exhibitions and Events")}}
{{$t("Recognized by Malaysia Book of Records")}}

{{$t("This kiosk is the most high-end interactive exhibition kiosk in Singapore and Malaysia.")}} {{$t("Enquire now before it is fully booked!")}}

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{{$t("Print Badges, Stickers, Tickets On-The-Spot after Scan")}}
{{$t("Gala Dinner, Private, Medium to Large Scale Events")}}
{{$t("Lucky Draw System + Treasure Hunt System")}}

{{$t("Invite your guest with QR Code Invitation. Scan and Go which only take lesser than 2 seconds. No more long queue or manual check!")}} {{$t("Enquire now before it is fully booked!")}}

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{{$t("Integrated with E-Tickets, Payment Gateways and Check-In System")}}

{{$t("Worry free with cost, stability and backend system. All ready for your event to WOW your audience.")}} {{$t("Enquire now")}}

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