Ticket2U Features


Free Event Listing

  • Free online exposures
  • Nearby Event
  • Upcoming & Happening
  • Proven seo & event ranking

General Admission

  • Sports events
  • Conference & business events
  • Webinar & virtual events
  • Festivals, tours & theme parks

Seating Chart

  • Free seating map setup *tnc applies
  • Concerts & theatres
  • Gala Dinners
  • Cinemas

Free Form Submission

  • Google Liked Form
  • Unlimited Submission
  • Responses Reporting
  • Check-In Enabled

Bus Ticketing

  • Fully covered routes in Malaysia
  • Aggregates most bus companies
  • Instant seat selection

Participant Management

  • Full-fledge participant manager
  • Edit participant data easily
  • Check-in with scan/single click
  • Import and export with ease

Flexible Rates

  • Flexible handling fee
  • Organizer can choose to absorb, or pass-on the fee to buyer
  • Lower rates for NGO events

Virtual Run Solution

  • Virtual run result uploader
  • Set virtual run upload period
  • Link to e-certificate feature
  • Complete report for run results

Dynamic Forms

  • Collect info that you need
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Registration/reservation form
  • Capacity control

Affiliates & Tracking

  • Generate affiliate links
  • Track visits and conversion
  • Live conversion data
  • One-click export

Organic Marketing

  • Event listed in T2U official FB
  • Blasting to various social group
  • Big banner and side banner
  • Monthly T2U newsletter

Extensive Payment Methods

  • Support most of the local payment methods
  • Support offline payment link 7-11 and jompay
  • Festivals, tours & theme parks

Discounts & Promo

  • Various discount settings
  • Promote events more effectively
  • Early bird, group, promo code
  • Participant specific discounts

Paid Marketing

  • Event featured on billboards
  • FB & Instagram Ads
  • Google SEM
  • Youtube Ads

Website Embed

  • Embedable in own website
  • User complete purchase from the website itself
  • Hide navigations for clean look

Private Event

  • Private Business Events
  • Hidden from seo and listings
  • Password-protected registration

Calendar View

  • Suitable for event with multiple date
  • Choose date and desired ticket
  • Override capacity by date

Customization and Integrations

  • Support various custom tweaks to suit custom use case
  • Able to integrate with 3rd party APIs


  • Issue e-certificate per ticket sold
  • Customizable design
  • Control e-cert based on ticket type or check-in status

QR E-Ticket

  • QR ticket for all valid purchase
  • Used for event check-in
  • Printable design. Can be printed out or show directly from device

Dedicated Event URL

  • Support specified url for special or big events
  • Build url that's easy to remember
  • Improve user reach

Stock Inventory Control

  • Manages inventory for event addons
  • T-shirts, merchandise and etc.
  • Prevent oversell

Membership/ Loyalty

  • Insert list of subscribers
  • Generate recurring schedule
  • Auto email reminder
  • Payment reports by set schedule

Shipping Tracker

  • Used for merchandise/ physical ticket shipping
  • Update tracking code easily
  • Email notification to buyer

Table Management

  • Assign participants to table
  • Live table monitoring
  • Easily checks for empty seats and assign accordingly

Event Dashboard & Reporting

  • All event stats are always online
  • View ticket sold instantly
  • Analytic on ticket sold based on date, ticket type and more

Status Checker

  • Suitable for form applications
  • Buyer/registrant can check for application status for their ticket
  • Organizer update status at ease

Facial Recognition

  • Check-in by face recognition
  • User register their faces prior to event day or on-site
  • Contactless check-in

Event Reminder

  • Email or SMS reminder upon success ticket purchase
  • Reminder before event day
  • Customized email on event updates/ changes

Dedicated Organizer Page

  • Showcase all events
  • Build profile and trust
  • Integrates with FB wall
  • Promotes all upcoming events

Organiser Dashboard & Reporting

  • Overall events statistics, sales and reporting
  • Membership and loyalty modules
  • SMS and Email blasting

Visitor / Reservation Calendar

  • Understand your book and check-in daily
  • Visitor management and preparation
  • Best for theme parks, daily reservation

White Labelling

  • Complete white label
  • Seemless integration
  • Own branding

Payment Gateway Provider

  • Direct setlement to your bank account
  • Inclusive Ticketing System + White Labelling
  • Special rates for long-term partner

Bank Bin Discount

  • Work with Banks for special discount using Debit/Credit Cards
  • Best for Concerts Partnership
  • Integration Ready (Charges Apply)

Theme Park Management System

  • All-In-One Ticketing + Check-In System
  • Fast deploy, Calendar Mode, Promotion and Customization
  • OTA and Agent Management
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QR Invitation

  • Customizable e-invitation with own logo/design
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Invitation sent before event day

Gate Control

  • Suitable for conference with multiple halls
  • Track each user entrance
  • Limit entrance by ticket

On-site Purchase

  • Debit card terminal rental
  • Cashless payment on-site
  • Prevent lost of funds
  • Support various e-wallet as well

SMS Blasting

  • Blasting reminder before event
  • Sending invitation to participants
  • Sending out survey messages

Thermal Check In

  • New normal for event industry
  • Sensing participant temperature
  • Alert user to wear mask
  • Exportable results

Goodies Claim Solutions

  • Suitable for sports event's race pack collection
  • Streamlined flow
  • No more long queue

Face Recognition

  • Check-In by face recognition
  • User register their faces prior to event day or on-site
  • Contactless check-in

Badge Printing

  • Print badges instantly upon check-in
  • Customizable design and size
  • Badge, card, wrist band and etc.

Failproof Check In Solution

  • Switch between cloud storage and offline server
  • Support excel scanning
  • Suitable for venue with bad connections

QR Check In

  • Check in to event using QR Ticket, or QR Invitation
  • Various check-in method
  • Prevent duplicate entry

Live Check In Statistics

  • Check in statistics
  • Linkable to table check in
  • Manage crowds and seats at ease

Mesh Networking

  • Amplifies wifi signal for better connections
  • Suitable for venue with bad connections

Check-In App

  • Organizer mobile app
  • Check-in easily with single mobile device
  • Supports android and ios

Exhibitor Lead Manager

  • Distributes to each exhibitor
  • Scan participant badge to collect leads in replace of namecards
  • Add remarks instantly for future reference

Handheld Scanners

  • Useful for gate scanning
  • Log check-in/out without any internet connections
  • Exportable reports

Check-In Counter

  • Professional setup
  • Grand looking
  • Efficient and fast scanner
  • Device rental service provided

Face Count 1.0

  • A device that collects crowds statistics
  • AI analysis on age, gender, etc.
  • Suitable for exhibitions

Outstation/ Overseas Support

  • We can come to you
  • Let professional setup everything for you
  • Device rental service provided

Check-In Kiosk

  • Ultimate check in automation
  • Minimal setup and crew
  • Support facial check-in
  • Supoort temperature sensing

Entry/Exit Logging

  • Logs each check-in and out
  • Viewable when scanning a ticket
  • Exportable full reports

Visitor Capacity Count

  • Best use for venue with capacity limitation
  • Live view of visitors in and out
  • Run on any browser, scanner or camera

AutoGate Check-In (Turnstile)

  • Check-In Scan by Facial or QR E-Ticket
  • Open Gate, Single or Group
  • Duplicate, Void, Single Sntry or Re-Entry

Fitness Check-In App

  • Register / Membership / Premises Check-In
  • Facial / NFC Door Scan Access
  • Membership Renewal / One-Time Registration

Payment Terminal

  • Accept VISA/MASTER and E-Wallets
  • Instant Print Receipt
  • Suitable for Walk-In / Outlet Sales
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Quick Webinar

  • Register, Login, Import
  • Livestream, Chatroom, Check-In
  • Lucky Draw, Winner List
  • Survey, Polling, 24/7 Reporting

Lucky Draw System

  • Draw winners from participant
  • Customizable design
  • Various draw methods
  • Slot numbers, or rolling names

Face Wall

  • Show pictures of participants in a big screen
  • User check in and take image
  • Lucky Draw

Facial Registration

  • Scan Face
  • Register
  • Check-In / Lucky Draw

Treasure Hunt System

  • Suitable for exhibitions
  • Participant complete quests while visiting booth
  • Scan QR and answer questions

Live Poll/Survey

  • Dynamic survey form
  • Collect user feedbacks or vote
  • Provide interaction on event day
  • Customizable poll results display

Exhibitor Lead Manager

  • Distributes to each exhibitor
  • Scan participant badge to collect leads in replace of namecards
  • Add remarks instantly for future reference

Business Matching App

  • Suitable for business event
  • Participant able to find and chat with other participants
  • Set time for meetup on event

Event Web App

  • Interactive app for event
  • Floor plan, venue, hall
  • Event schedule, speakers and etc.
  • Link to survey/poll

Screen Barrage

  • Interactive chat on event screen
  • User leave comment and message pops on screen
  • Suitable for exhibition/gala dinner/seminar

Chat Room

  • Interactive chat room
  • Username and Badword filtered
  • Unlimited chats and users allow
  • Best for Virtual Auditorium, Membership and Group Chats

Wheel of Fortune

  • Standalone Lucky Draw
  • Choose from 8, 10, 12, 32 slices
  • Customizable logo, background, banners
  • iPad, Smart Phone, Touch Screen

Shake It & Win

  • Make your audiences SHAKE their phone!
  • Scan QR Join, Shake, Win
  • Table of top winners
  • Sound On & Vibrate On

AI Photo

  • AI Facial Detect and Photo Finder
  • Photographer drag & drop upload
  • Selfie / upload photo - Auto Face Finder
  • Free download / add to cart / payment

POS System

  • TPOSv1 - Ticket2U POS System
  • Inventory, SKU, QR/Barcode Scan
  • Suitable for Merchandise and F&B Sales
  • Payment Terminal Provided


  • Best for Music Festival
  • Cash-less, Contact-less
  • Secured NTAG, Wallet Topup
  • NFC Merchant App