Gala Dinner Table Management System by Ticket2U

Product News & Tips| 31 Jul 2020

Have you turn digital for your gala dinner event management? If you have not, you will never understand how easy, how convenient, how you and your guess will love it pre, event day, and post event experience. Only with the right event technology arm like Ticket2U, will make this happen magically for you, and you will never regret to bring your event to the next level!

Checking-In thousands of VIP into your event - Queue-less, Paper-less

Event check-in had never been so easy, fast and efficient after Ticket2U comes to the industry, served more than thousands of clients and used by millions of Malaysian everyday.

Hundreds of gala dinner events been supplied by Ticket2U. Checkout Ticket2U Video Channel here.

What kind of event will need this?

  1. Annual Dinner
  2. Awards Dinner
  3. Gala Dinner
  4. Client Appreciation Dinner
  5. Wedding Dinner
  6. Corporate, Government, and Personal events

How can this Gala Dinner Table Management System helps my event?

  1. No more handwriting
  2. No more manual invitation
  3. No more over seat!
  4. No more extra table!
  5. No more large crews on registration counter
  6. No more manual check-in
  7. No more manual lucky draw
  8. No more manual counting
  9. No more uninvited guess
  10. No more paper!

How long needed to setup my event?

It's very fast to setup your Gala Dinner Table Management from Pre-Registration, Import Guest Data, Invitation, Seating Arrangement and Check-In as this is almost seem-less to our client. Ticket2U has handled more than hundreds of events annual and almost every night are Gala Dinners for awards, banking, corporates dinners and many more. We had never failed a single client and single event. We are able to setup your event within minutes or hours provided your guess list are ready.

E-Invitation and QR Code Check-In

Learn more about Ticket2U QR Code Check-In here. Check-out for Ticket2U Facial Check-In here.

Integrated Lucky Draw System for Checked-In Guess

Working with Ticket2U, we can integrate lucky draw system for your checked-in guest seemless by providing 2 types of lucky draw system instantly. Numbered Lucky Draw and Name Flip Lucky Draw. Click here to read more about Ticket2U Lucky Draw System.

gala dinner,awards,wedding dinners,table management system,check-in Dinner Table Management System by Ticket2U

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