Ticket2U Treasure Hunt System

Product News & Tips| 04 May 2020

Ticket2U Treasure Hunt System

How to keep your customer or audience from not leaving your event or exhibition? Let's make some fun and giving out your freebies with special way! Whether you are organising exhibition or event activations, keeping your audiences to stay longer on your event are very important. Meanwhile, to keep fun and making your potential clients to walk around your event with Ticket2U Interactive Treasure Hunt, comes with QR Code scan will be your next smarter choice to deploy.

Where should you deploy Treasure Hunt?

  1. Exhibition
  2. Trade Shows
  3. Event Launching
  4. Outdoor Sports Events
  5. Tours around town
  6. Special Campaign
  7. Malls Activations
  8. Etc..

What is the key benefits to deploy Treasure Hunt on your event?

  1. Increase traffic and lead
  2. Increase online and offline footprint
  3. Increase fun and interaction
  4. Promotion material for event marketing
  5. Encourage communication and interaction between visitors and exhibitors
  6. Etc..

How to register a Treasure Hunt on an event?

We will use a simple event to explain how user can register to a treasure hunt with simple and easy steps.

1. Visitor > Scan QR to Register

2. Register Details & Submit

3. Complete Quest via answering Questions / Fill in details

How to Manage Treasure Hunt - Event Organiser

Ticket2U Treasure Hunt System comes with easy management and gift redemption capacity control to scan, view and manage treasure hunters easily without much guidance need to handle large visitor during event.

1. Event Organizer (make sure you have event permission from Ticket2U) > Admin Dashboard > View Records

2. Admin Dashboard > Claim Status & Claim Log

3. Admin Dashboard > Search Visitor Status > View Claim Report

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