Ticket2U Facial Recognition Check-In V2

Event Tech| 19 Feb 2021


Ticket2U Facial Recognition (AI) is the most easiest to almost no cost to start for your events, venues, theme parks, and more usages you can ever thought of. You don't need a specialize devices, knowledge or technology. All you need is a working browsers, laptop, desktop, tablet or even your phone.

Ticket2U Facial Recognition runs on any devices

All you need is a working browsers and computers, tablet or phone!

No installation needed to use Ticket2U Facial Recognition Check-In. We makes it run smoothly and easily by just a device with working browser! Either Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox! That's the Magic! You can start check-in your guess, visitors anytime, anywhere!

Event Registration

Ticket2U are Malaysia No.1 Online Ticketing Provider, Pioneering in Event Technology. We makes event organizers and participants life easier to register their faces into the event easily by just almost the same methods of how they purchase or register ticket, and upload their face image. That's it! You are ready to use your face to attend the event, or E-Ticket QR Scan as usual you wanted to.

Backend Monitoring - Ticket2U Facial Check-In Live Monitoring

Live Dashboard to monitor guest checked-in and registration. For gala dinner, table of guest can be display to guest and crews too.

Ticket2U Facial Check-In Live Monitoring

What is the Cost?

We provide you the best solutions to almost no cost to start with! There are few ways to start using Ticket2U Facial Recognition Check-In,

  1. Prepare your own devices (computers or tablets)
  2. Rent devices and technical crews with us (large event)
  3. Kiosk, permanent placement, integration with gate, turnstile or tripod (venue)

As explained, our solutions are simplest to execute at any environment and devices on the go. Our only charges are pay per scan. Wait! Next you will ask, how much per scan? Will that be costly if accumulated? It's less than cents per scan!

Facial Check-In For Events - V3

Facial Check-In Integrated with Gate and Turnstile

Facial Check-In with tablets + QR Enabled

Facial Check-In For Events

Facial Check-In For Events

Facial Check-In For Gala / Awards Dinners

Facial Check-In For Theme Parks

Backend AI Reporting - Instant Captured - 24/7

Facial Check-In For Kiosk

Demo on lowest spec of affordable Android phone Neffos, to Note 8, to iOS iPhone 6S, iPad

You don't need high spec on devices or special hardware to run Ticket2U Facial Recognition Check-In. All you need is a browser and internet. We run everything on cloud, Artificial Intelligent enough without downloading any app, or special technical requirement. We make everything easier and most importantly, cost saving!

Why Facial Recognition?

Facial Recognition is the fastest way to recognition a person without touching (contactless), searching for E-Ticket with phone or hardcopy (paperless), having less crews and devices rental (cost saving), minimize human error and automate check-in process (automate gate control, badges and wristband printing, rfid tagging).

The Future after Covid-19

Facial Recognition Check-In are definitely the future for post pandemic which offer touchless, contactless, fast and efficient for events, theme parks and more usages. We believe with this implemented in Malaysia, it will bring our national digitalization a jumping level and make ease of all citizen to a safer country in this new normal.

Theme Park Demo

Event Demo

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