Ticket2U x ZOOM Integration

Event Tech| 09 Sep 2021

Tired of handling registration, invitation and admission?

Do you know all above can be automate and hassle free? All you need is engage Ticket2U, Pioneering in Event Technology, handling more than 16,000+ events online and offline, providing you the best solutions in making your event success.

No more excel sheets, copy paste!

Why still using excel sheets, copy paste of invitation link and send it one by one to the attendees just because of an unique link or login access? Some even have to worried about unauthorized access by un-registered participants or ticket holders. With Ticket2U x ZOOM automated integration, everything are set when they register, automate email invitation and unique link. All you need to handle is your event day ZOOM Webinar or Meeting.

No more admission work!

Why spending time in filtering and admitting authorized / unauthorized participants during your ZOOM Webinar / Meeting where everything can be just automated? Do nothing can let authorized participants to access your event easily and 100% authorized automatically.

Focus on your event day presentation! 

Hassle free on registration / ticketing setup, ZOOM integration and Email Invitation, until ZOOM access. All these can be setup in Ticket2U within minutes.

1-Click Integration

Sample Zoom settings in Ticket2U

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