How to use Ticket2U Shipping & Tracking Module

Event Tech| 01 May 2020


How to purchase ticket

1. Buyer > Purchase Ticket

2. Fill in Shipping Address

Buyer > Go to Event Page >  Select quantity of ticket > Click Buy Now > Fill in buyer's information (make sure your shipping address is correct) > Checkout

How to update Shipping Details

1. Event Organizer (make sure you have event permission from Ticket2u) > My Event > Select Event > Select Tickets

2. View Transactions > Click Filter

3. Under Transaction Result > Click Shipping Tracking

4. Update Shipping Tracking Number & Remark

5. Click Save > Click Send Tracking Code To Buyer

How to trace shipping

1. Buyer > Receives email from Ticket2u with tracking number


2. Go to Event Page > Click Track Shipping > Key in Tracking Number > Click Check

How to check Tracking Status from My Ticket History

3. Go to My Ticket History > Click to check Tracking Status

Track Shipping to use Ticket2U Shipping & Tracking Module

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