Introducing Ticket2U Queue Management System (QMS)

Event Tech| 01 Mar 2022

Are you looking for a Queue management system to control your event crowd? Ticket2U provides Queue management solutions with real-time metrics. Cont Enhance your guests with a smooth & seamless queuing experience!

All-in-One Queue Management Solution with integrated Check-In System

Let us enhance your guests' queuing & service experience....

Ticket2U QMS is 100% web-based and is standard-browser supportive. Anybody can use anywhere, anytime. The Web-Controller system in waiting room enables the personnel to call the next queue number. Track live queuing stats with real-time data.

Pre-Arrival : Pre-Registration

Guests pre-register easily before arriving at your event.

Receive registration link or Scan QR to register on the spot

Upon Arrival : Guest Check-In

For certain events that required guests check-in, we provide integrated softwares between our QMS system and Check-In System. 

Check out Facial Recognition Check-In here.

Arrival : Ticket Queue

Guests obtain a ticket with queue number, be it digital ticket or physical ticket, and wait for their turn to be called.

Queue Number Calling

Guests wait for the call and check on the assigned counter / booth number. Make sure you have a large display screen! 

Web-Controller System & Live Stats

Frontdesk personnel assigns queue number to dedicated Counter/Booth; while personnel at the Counter/Booth access the Web-Controller System to call the next queue number. Tracking live queuing stats with real-time data, enabling personnel to monitor and view pending queue status. Easy & Convenient as ABC. 

Reporting & Feedback Form

We provide queue insights reporting for each Counter/Booth. You also can collect feedback from your guests via our Feedback form. 

Watch video here:

Suitable for Mass Queueing events, Job-Fairs, Interview Sessions, and more.....

We constantly provide tech-solution to a safer environment for guests and visitors attending your event. While transitioning to Endemic Phase, we still encourage everyone to keep social distancing, minimize contact touchpoints during physical events. Stay safe!

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