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Event Tech| 30 Mar 2022

With current pandemic or we called it endemic era for Covid-19, regardless how loose the SOP will be, we have to always be reminded that this virus can be controlled by having capacity and distance control. Hence, we have to do our part as event organizers, venue owners or operators to protect our guest, visitors and customers from over crowded at some point of time. Ticket2U Live Counter helps venue, events to control crowd with simple scan with QR, Face or button. The most simplest, instant deploy on your event and venue.

Works on any devices, browsers, QR scanners and camera

You do not need any special devices to operate it. With Ticket2U Live Counter, everything run on cloud and works on any devices, browsers, phone, laptop with active internet connection.

3 Scan Mode

  1. QR Scan
  2. Barcode Scan
  3. Button Mode (+ or -)

3 Settings

  1. Anonymous Scan
  2. Recognized Issued QR E-Ticket
  3. Auto Check-In Ticket

Works for Multiple Gates

Ticket2U Live Counter suitable for Exhibitions or Conferences with multiple rooms, gates and doors to track capacity and visitors location for checked-in and checked-out.

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