27 Jul

Ticket2U partnered with AEON Fantasy Malaysia to offer exclusive ticket deals for 96 theme parks across Malaysia

27 July 2021. Ticket2U Malaysia has partnered with AEON Fantasy Malaysia (AFM) to offer exclusive ticket deals for it's 96 theme parks, amusement park and family & child playgrounds across whole Malaysia. This partnership inclusive Ticket2U Check-In Management System for all AFM theme parks.
24 Jul

Ticket2U x E-Sports 电子竞技 by SEGi University & Colleges

由槟州青年发展机构(PYDC)、世纪大学与学院(SEGi)及REAL ME公司联合推出“2021年青年电子竞技挑战赛”,终圆满落幕。经过64支参赛组合,共320名全国青年的激烈交锋后,由“浪静”参赛组合夺得冠军宝座,并赢取3000令吉现金奖及丰富奖品!
01 Jul

Virtual tours the next step for Melaka butterfly, reptile sanctuary

In order to minimise the losses suffered due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Melaka Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary has started three initiatives to keep the sanctuary afloat. Its managing director Gerard Wong Woon See said for the first time in 30 years of its operation, the sanctuary has gone digital to generate revenue.
30 May

Ticket2U Featured on Astro, MYFM and Melody FM

Thanks to Astro in helping SME during the pandemic. Ticket2U felt extremely thankful in this pandemic to be able to shine out loud at 3 TV channels in Astro (AEC, Hua Hee Dai and Quan Jia), as well as Malaysia No.1 Mandarin Radio Channel MYFM and Melody FM.
23 May

Webinar Made Easy

Looking for affordable, fast and easy setup webinar for small or large event? Ticket2U Webinar has it all. From registration, invitation, login, live stream, check-in, chatroom, lucky draw and survey polling.
19 Apr

Ticket2U 2021 Portfolio

Proudly present you our latest portfolio. Ticket2U 2021 Portfolio.
30 Mar

Ticket2U deployed Facial Gate Entry for ESCAPE PJ Theme Park

Ticket2U has deployed it's facial recognition system at Paradigm Mall, ESCAPE Petaling Jaya. A one-stop theme park management system from ticketing to QR E-Ticket check-in, and now added Facial Recognition Check-In and Re-Entry for park's visitors.

Facial Check-In for Gala Dinner and Event

QR Code check-in for event is OUTDATED! Now we introduce you our latest check-in using your face! Yes, just check-in event with your face, get your table number, entitled lucky draw and more! Simple as ABC, contactless, queue-less, fast and secured!
03 Mar

Ticket2U Traffic Counter V2

Ticket2U Traffic Counter V2 integrated and partnered with FFC to provide you the most accurate people counting system designed to optimize business operations and efficiency. From exhibitions to conferences hall, retail chains to shopping malls, from airports to public venues, our TTC offers easiest installation and display visitor capacity instantly on your premises.
19 Feb

Ticket2U Facial Recognition Check-In V2

Ticket2U Facial Recognition (AI) is the most easiest to almost no cost to start for your events, venues, theme parks, and more usages you can ever thought of. You don't need a specialize devices, knowledge or technology. All you need is a working browsers, laptop, desktop, tablet or even your phone.