Just Scan my face can enter theme park without E-ticket?!?! Sure or not??

YES!! Now you can just Scan Face without show your e-ticket to enter theme park. First in Malaysia Theme Park with Facial check in. How to scan face to enter the theme park?! Find out more....
11 Nov

Ticket2U Introduce AI Facial Photo Finder - NO MORE PHOTO BOOTH

No more photo booth, everything online, live 24/7, with Facial Recognition search, fast and convenient. Our AI Facial Photo Finder will change the whole theme park industry by replacing physical photo booth with AI..
10 Nov

Ticket2U deployed Facial Recognition Check-In for KidZania Kuala Lumpur and ESCAPE Penang

Post pandemic, our lives changed and are no longer be the same as usual. Same goes to theme parks industry. Facial Recognition Check-In, Facial Photo Photo Finder is not the future but it's now been deployed to several theme parks in Malaysia to ensure contact-less, cash-less and safe distancing while playing!
03 Nov

MOU between Ticket2U x DOREMi x Metamosaic in collaboration on Pinnacle of Event Technology

DOREMi, Metamosaic Sdn Bhd, and Ticket2U Sdn Bhd have inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate on Pinnacle of Event Technology.

Introducing Ticket2U Leaderboard

Are you looking for leaderboard for your virtual run or cycling event? There you go now, Ticket2U introduce you all-in-one Virtual Tracking System from ticketing and registration, to submission of records, leaderboard, shipping and many more integrated automatically with hassle free!
22 Sep

Interactive Screen Barrage on Event Page

Ticket2U Professional Screen Barrage. Interactive Event Screen Comments. Messages will fly from right panel to the left panel to catch attentions of visitors who land to the event or registration page.
09 Sep

Ticket2U x ZOOM Integration

Do you know that your event registration, invitation, login access and admission in ZOOM Webinar and ZOOM Meeting can be automate and hassle free? All you need is engage Ticket2U, Pioneering in Event Technology, handling more than 16,000+ events online and offline, providing you the best solutions in making your event success.
17 Aug

Featured news by The Ticketing Business: Malaysia's Ticket2U partners leading asia attractions group AEON FANTASY

Posted by Richard Mulligan on 9th August 2021 - Ticket2U Malaysia has partnered with AEON Fantasy Malaysia (AFM) to offer exclusive ticket deals for its 96 theme parks, amusement parks and family playgrounds across Malaysia.
15 Aug

11 Aktiviti Ekonomi Kembali Beroperasi Di Fasa 1

11 aktiviti ekonomi dalam sektor perdagangan dan pengdaran boleh kembali beroperasi di fasa 1 mula 16 Ogos 2021
27 Jul

Ticket2U partnered with AEON Fantasy Malaysia to offer exclusive ticket deals for 96 theme parks across Malaysia

27 July 2021. Ticket2U Malaysia has partnered with AEON Fantasy Malaysia (AFM) to offer exclusive ticket deals for it's 96 theme parks, amusement park and family & child playgrounds across whole Malaysia. This partnership inclusive Ticket2U Check-In Management System for all AFM theme parks.