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Event Tech| 24 Mar 2020



Facial Check-In for Gala Dinner and Event


Ticket2U deployed Facial Gate Entry for ESCAPE PJ Theme Park

Long queue will lead to negative first impression of participants. But now you can make it faster and avoid long queue with screening every single person.

In addition, your attendees are at their most vulnerable when they’re waiting in line outside the protection of your venue. Therefore, even from a security perspective, it’s imperative that your check-in process runs as smoothly as possible.

You can make faster and convenience check-in for everyone by using facial recognition. This high-tech solution sets the tone for your event and allows you to admit attendees more quickly, analyze data, and bolster security.

Ticket2U Facial Recognition Check-In for KidZanial KL and ESCAPE PJ - V3

Demo on Ticket2U Facial Recognition Check-In with Ticket2U Exhibition Kiosk

What Is Facial Recognition?

“Facial recognition” refers to AI technology that cross-references a pre-supplied photo (or photos) against live video capture to verify identity on site.

Facial recognition is thus a handy access control mechanism that is gaining popularity in modern events across industries, allowing attendees to securely check into events at a much faster rate.

To use this technology at your event, you need to collect photos from all participants during the registration process. The facial recognition system will then calculate and record ‘facial geometries’ using these reference images. Then, the facial recognition software will scan live-capture footage from cameras and use this data to identify people as they arrive at the check-in desk.

Ticket2U Facial Recognition Check-In

Benefits of Facial Recognition

  • Cut check in time: Unlike a human cross-checking a photo ID against a visitor’s appearance, facial recognition works instantly
  • Additional security layer: Facial recognition has proven to be even more accurate than human-powered visual identification, and it provides a cost-effective way to ensure your screening process includes some form of photo identification. Besides, facial recognition also can cut down on the costs associated with security personnel by automating photo identification.
  • Better overall event ROI: To take full advantage of your visitors’ purchasing power, you want to funnel the crowds into your venue as efficiently as possible. 

Ticket2U Facial Recognition v2

Facial Check-In For Events - V3

Facial Check-In For Gala Dinners - V3

Facial Check-In For Theme Parks - V3

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