Facial Check-In for Gala Dinner and Event

Product News & Tips| 24 Mar 2021

QR Code check-in for event is OUTDATED! Now we introduce you our latest check-in using your face! Yes, just check-in event with your face, get your table number, entitled lucky draw and more! Simple as ABC, contactless, queue-less, fast and secured!

First thing first, watch our event video footage you will get faster understanding

Ticket2U brought in QR Technology. But we wanted to say QR Check-In is OUTDATED now!

Four years ago, Ticket2U introduced and making QR Code check-in and e-ticket for events become a new norm in Malaysia with more than fifty thousands events and millions of tickets checked-in happening everyday. But today, we wanted to changed these norm as it's officially OUTDATED. 2021, we need something fast, easy and contactless. Carry no ticket, but your face! Ticket2U Facial Recognition been tested for year, improved and comes out with many versions during our research and development period. But our R&D has come to a solid and final stage. Proven solutions, built everything from scratch by our pioneer internal engineers and supported by Microsoft and AWS.

What Event Are Suitable For Facial Recognition?

  1. Gala Dinner / Award Dinner - Register, Scan, Check-In, Lucky Draw
  2. Conference / Seminar / Exhibition - Register, Scan, Check-In, Print Badges, Lucky Draw
  3. Sports Events / Marathon / Run / Motorsport - Register, Race-pack Collection, Check-In, Photo Matching, Lucky Draw
  4. Theme Parks / Tours - Register, Scan, Check-In, Print Wristband, Gate Open, Face Payment / Checkpoint, Photo Matching
  5. Building / Residential Visit - Register, Scan, Check-In, Gate Open

Registration Process is Simple!

  1. You will receive Ticket2U Facial Registration invitation thru notification (SMS/Email/WhatsApp) if you are invited for the event
  2. Upload/Take Photo with your phone - DONE!
  3. You can delete or remove your facial collection anytime with the invitation link given
  4. Or you need customization, talk to us!

Is My Face Data Secured?

As you noticed, all images uploaded and display are masked and blurred. All information and data are kept secured on cloud and handed carefully to the event organizers. Ticket2U will never exposed users personal data to others as these are violating the PDPA Act and we understand how serious offence it can be to destroy our business in seconds. Ticket2U will never sell your data to any third party which may caused the breach of your privacy issue. You facial data collection are only recorded for that particular event purposes and will not be able to shared among or accessible by others events or any other usages beside the event you signup for facial check-in.

No Installation. Low Cost. Cloud AI. Full of Possibility!

Reliable engine is the most important thing needed to run for high-end sophisticated facial recognition. Ticket2U has fine-tuned our facial engine to the lightest, fastest, easy deploy to any devices without installation, but only a browser and camera needed. If you are running oa event, if you have your own devices, you can run our facial check-in without any rental cost, which mean you can save hundreds to thousands on hardware. As our facial engine are built in-house, you can request for customization to suit your client or your events requirement, full of possibility!

24/7 LIVE Reporting

During event, event organizer can monitoring visitor flows, checked-in guest and uncheck-in guest, vvip monitoring and more customizable figures and stats. All data accessible 24/7, extractable to csv / excel, displayable to large screen and capacity counting.

Is That Expensive To Deploy Facial Check-In For My Event?

No! We charge the same as you use QR E-Invitation and Check-In counter as usual! It's always affordable, looking grand and bringing wow-factor, queue-less to your event is our priority! As usual event check-in, we only charge RM250-RM500 per counter (half day) depending if you required more add-on such as printing of ticket or wristband and extra hours need. Or, you can do it yourself with your own devices (tablets, iPads, phone or laptop) which even at lower cost to start for your event!

Facial Recognition for Theme Park?

Ticket2U deployed Facial Gate Entry for ESCAPE PJ Theme Park | Ticket2u Blog


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