Setting Calendar View in Ticket2U

Product News & Tips| 03 Jul 2020

Setting Calendar View in Ticket2U

If your event are designed with multiple dates with different date entry, capacity such as theme parks, hotel, tour booking, theater, cinema, or any events with multiple date needs, you can have it easily with Ticket2U!

Ticket2U are always uniquely crafted and specially fit to any kind of event ticketing requirement needed. Calendar view are one of the best suit for multiple dates events, occasion or venue that solve your problem and the most important is, it makes your participants easy to purchase their ticket.

What kind of event required Calendar View?

  1. Multiple date events
  2. Few days concerts, music festival, drama or shows
  3. Theater with specific shows within days, weeks or months
  4. Theme park tickets and operate whole year
  5. Hotel room, functions room, or specific venue that limited with capacity control on specific dates booking
  6. Promotions, coupons, vouchers that valid on specific dates
  7. Interview, meeting, conference that required specific date and time
  8. Anything you may think of that suite you needs

How to add Calendar View and Recurring Dates?

Go to your event, Edit > Date Settings > Add Recurring Dates.

Screenshot above shows how you can add recurring dates for your events easily by date range. After this, you have settings to add / remove block date for off date, example public holiday, and add more settings such as capacity, availability, different pricing on peak season or so on. To access further recurring settings, please contact your dedicated event coordinator to assist you on this.

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