Promote your event effectively with Ticket2U Affiliate Marketing

Product News & Tips| 22 Jul 2020

Ticket2U provide free affiliate marketing tools that love and using widely by all event organiser in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Create a unique affiliate link anytime you like, track performance, conversion and sales easily.

Affiliate Marketing are Best Tool for Digital Marketer

Having a successful event promotion required many support and parties, influencers, social media post to promote it. But how do you track performances and conversion from each of the promoters you rely on? Don't worry! Hosting your event with Ticket2U, it's free to use Ticket2U Affiliate Marketing Tools to generate as many affiliates link you wish to have all these dream possible, and gain as much as support, sharing and tracking automatically for your event.

How to Create Affiliate Link in Ticket2U?

Go to your Event Dashboard. You will find Affiliates features as show in screenshot above.

Add as many affiliate you need for your marketing purposes. Affiliates can share their affiliate referral links on their own website, through their social media accounts, in emails, and anywhere else they wish to promote your site.

You can track each affiliate performance such in

  1. Total Views
  2. Total Conversion
  3. Total Amount
  4. Total Tickets

You may copy the affiliate link by the Copy Button, and share it to your affiliate easily. 

What is Cookie Life Time?

Cookie life time period are very important to ensure user behavior and purchase at later attempt. Your visitor / buyer might not purchase on their first view and impression seeing your post / ads. They might make their purchase when they have time, from search engine, saved link or re-marketing that reminded them.

Affiliate Report & Export

Details reporting can be find at View Report. Having detailed reporting can allow you to know the exact referral efforts to which transactions and ticket holder. Hence, some may use this tools as allowances or commission prove for their affiliates or referrals marketing effort. Lastly, you can Export to Excel for further checking.

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