Theme Park Visitor Calendar / Reservation Calendar

Product News & Tips| 15 Oct 2020

Dear theme parks owners and management, we have upgraded your visitor calendar! New upgrades for theme park owners to view all visitors who have booked their ticket in a calendar view to have better and simpler management and preparation.

Visitor Calendar / Reservation Calendar View

As shown above, theme parks owner or management will be able to have a glance view of your visitors visit and check-in activities. This will be handy and easier from filtering at your reporting area for your daily preparation and reservation.

  • Green indicate All Ticket and Visitors have successfully scanned Checked-In.
  • Red indicate Partial or No Check-In.

How to access my Visitor Calendar / Reservation Calendar?

For event that uses Calendar Mode to do reservation or ticketing,

  • Go to your event Dashboard
  • Find Visitor Calendar at Ticket Management Area

FAQ - What is Calendar Mode event?

As Ticket2U are cater for various events and theme parks ticket management, not every events or promo required calendar views. Calendar Mode are best for theme parks, hotel, travel and tours booking or reservations type of booking. Contact us to switch your event / promo to calendar mode if you think it's fit your promotions.

To understand more about Calendar View, read our article here at

Setting Calendar View in Ticket2U

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