New Feature: All-In-One Organiser Dashboard

Product News & Tips| 22 Sep 2020

Having a lots of event with Ticket2U and need one glance to monitor all sales and activities? Here you go! With added Membership Management and renewal subscription module too!

What is this all about?

  1. Consolidate all event Sales, Tickets, Traffics and reports into single dashboard
  2. Self-manage SMS, Email and WhatsApp blasting to members or participants
  3. Membership module to allow private group, event and notification
  4. Collect membership subscription fees and renewal
  5. Personal blog or article management
  6. Facial Recognition / QR Scan and Check-In for member or participants
  7. API access

Who are suitable for this?

  1. Event organisers who manage ticketing and registration
  2. Associations, groups and corporate who required membership management
  3. Social marketer who required tracking, affiliates, marketing tools such as promo and discount strategy
  4. Technology agency who required in-deep integration with API access
  5. Theme parks and owners who need to monitor overall sales and reporting

A sneak peek on how your Organiser Dashboard look alike.

Functions and features available in your Organiser Dashboard.

How to access my dashboard?

  1. Login to your account in Ticket2U, find Organiser Dashboard at your top right menu.
  2. Go to your organiser page in Ticket2U after login, click on Organiser Dashboard button at top.
organiser dashboard,blast sms,blast email,api integration,credit topup Feature: All-In-One Organiser Dashboard

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