Ticket2U deployed Facial Recognition Check-In for KidZania Kuala Lumpur and ESCAPE Penang

Ticket2u| 10 Nov 2021

Post pandemic, our lives changed and are no longer be the same as usual. Same goes to theme parks industry. Facial Recognition Check-In, Facial Photo Photo Finder is not the future but it's now been deployed to several theme parks in Malaysia to ensure contact-less, cash-less and safe distancing while playing!

Ticket2U Facial Recognition V3

Ticket2U has successfully upgraded it's AI Facial Recognition to V3 with 10x faster, reliable, easy deploy and cost effective for theme parks and visitor on their everyday operation and check-in needs. The process from purchasing ticket, uploading photo or selfie, check-in to theme parks or even your tickets are purchased from other OTA, annual pass or special pass, you have no problem in accessing the theme park to enjoy your sparkling days with smile on your face and check-in at your first step into the park.

Probably the first and most cost effective Facial Recognition Solutions for Theme Parks in Malaysia

When comes to Facial Recognition in Malaysia, they might thought of investment on hardware, integrations between online ticketing, onsite sales and POS system, as well gate or turnstile integration. but with Ticket2U, everything we build are helping theme park owner to save money, save resources, avoid fraud and losing money on ticket counters, as well as ensure all tickets are valid thru gate with Facial Recognition Check-in. Our Theme Park Management System (TPMS) are as flexible as work independently, or full solutions from online ticketing to check-in, as well as Facial Photo Finder added-on (No more photo booth). Our TPMS are as low as RM0 as we implement pay per use model. You don't even need to purchase our Facial Recognition devices as our technology runs on any devices. You can use your iPad, tablets, smart phone or existing computers.

Facial Recognition Check-In for KidZania Kuala Lumpur

Facial Recognition Check-In for ESCAPE Penang

Facial Recognition Check-In for ESCAPE Petaling Jaya

Thousands of Smiling Faces Everyday, Contact-less and Ticket-less

Why carrying hard-copy ticket, QR Codes or searching your phone for purchased emails, transactions instead you can just come to the park without anything but your face? Entering, re-entering just with recognized faces is the most convenient and secured way to ensure the ticket is you or even if you wanted to go out of the park temporary, as re-entered will recognized you!

Live Video Footages on Visitors Check-In

How do visitor Bind their Face to the Ticket?

As usual, visitor will purchase their ticket online at KidZania KL, ESCAPE Penang, or ESCAPE PJ. Upon successful purchased, you will be ask for Register Face for every ticket. You may share the link to your friend if you purchase on-behalf and let them upload or selfie with their phone directly. That's it! It's easy as ABC.

Is my face data safe?

Your face data are only used for check-in purposes. Once check-in completed, Ticket2U will remove your face collection at the end of the day and you have no way to enter the park after your visitation date or expiry. We protect your personal data same as how we protect our database, it's as important than anything else and we will not share to anyone as this is common known as PDPA protection.

Ticket2U Facial Photo Finder

No more photo booth, everything online, live 24/7, with Facial Recognition search, fast and convenient. Our Facial Photo Finder will change the whole theme park industry by replacing physical photo booth with AI and as simple as on everyone smart phones, you can find your exciting moments of photos, captured by professional photographers and download or purchase it instantly, anytime, anywhere, without needed to search from bulk album, but with your face of selfie or photo, we matched and filtered our for you instantly!

Video Demo on Facial Photo Finder

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