Creating Private Event with Ticket2U

Product News & Tips| 28 Jun 2020

Creating Private Event with Ticket2U

Not every event are intended for public awareness and registration. Private event means a private gathering limited to members and guests of members of a family, organization, or club, where the event is not open to the general public. This is all possible with Ticket2U, as simple setup with few clicks.

Screenshot above shows Private Label and Password Protected event.

Few types of private event settings,

  1. Unlisted from Ticket2U public event listing
  2. Only accessible from unique URL provided
  3. Event description and Registration only available with Password Protected settings

How to set my event to private?

It's pretty simple to make your event private with only few clicks.

Go to your event, Edit > Preview & Publish tab.

Scroll to Publish Settings and choose Private at Privacy Setting. Which this setting, it's only accessible by URL given directly, which means the event will not display publicly at Ticket2U event listing. You can choose to make additional protection for your event with Password Protected. To enable this, just slide ON the Require Password option and insert your password. When you are ready to make your event publish, just tick Publish Event checkbox and save.

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