Grow your Page Profile with Ticket2U

Product News & Tips| 16 Jul 2020

Grow your Page Profile with Ticket2U

Having a trusted and personalised dedicated event organiser / seller page are very important to gain trust from mass audiences before they purchase your event tickets or product promo. We will explain how in this article.

Sample Organiser Profile of G2G Animal Gardens - MAEPS

Dedicated Event Organiser / Seller Page

Every event listing are tied to an individual or organisation in Ticket2U comes with a dedicated page to be accessible public or private. This dedicated event organiser page will have following features,

  1. Profile Avatar
  2. Profile Background
  3. Profile Description
  4. Profile Facebook Page Embedded
  5. All Event / Product Listing (Active, Expired and Private)

Screenshot above show organiser profile on every event listing listed in Ticket2U.

How to setup my Organiser Profile?

After you have login to Ticket2U, go to your top right menu, select Organiser Profile

Next, fill up information as required, upload images that needed.

Can I hide my Organiser Profile on selected event? Yes!

You may choose to use default settings for every event you created to display your organiser profile. But, you may also choose not to display your profile but other details if you are running the event under other organiser or partners. Here's how.

While setting up your event at Event Details, go to Organiser Details tab, choose for "I want to set organizer details for this event only."

Boost your SEO search

A healthy page profile can boost up your SEO search from Google, or other search engine. Without needed a website or domain, this can be your easiest and free of charge way to make your brand and company visibility to the public.

Share your dedicated page link

Every dedicated event organiser page comes with a link that easily share thru social media. Once your visitor land to your profile page, they can easily see all events held and hosted by your company and this is the best way to build your trust and audiences.

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