Ticket2U x Sid Sriram 2 days concerts successfully held with Queue-less Check-In

Ticket2u| 24 Aug 2022

Nearly 20,000 pax ticket check-in for Sid Sriram Heart & Soul 2.0 concerts held at Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil, successfully been delivered with queue-less and contact-less experience by Ticket2U Check-In Management.

Woodmark Events

The event organiser has been delivering top notch world class level of concert experience and we have seen positive feedback from concert goers with full satisfaction on the concert, music and overall planning. Well done!

Queue-less and Contact-less

On this 2 days event, Ticket2U again proven that queue-less and contact-less for large event is possible with technology and proper planning. The faster you able to redeem your ticket, the lesser time you need to waste and frustration happen as Malaysia is a hot country. We cannot not tolerant on slow, failure, lag-gy and unprofessional provider who spoilt Malaysia event industry which making long queue, failure system specially on large scale event.

Ticket2U Check-In Management

Ticket2U has been Malaysia Top Ticketing provider as well as Malaysia Largest Check-In Management provider who provide more than 18,000 events for check-in system such as theme parks, exhibitions, conferences, concerts, music festivals and many more who able to handle extreme large crowd without failing a single event and client. Ticket2U also the first provider who been using Facial Recognition Check-In widely in Malaysia who develop everything in-house and using by millions.

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