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Kadamaian Adventure Race - KAR

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Terms and Conditions



Date : 20 OCT 2018

Time : 5:00 am (All runners are required to come early before flag off time)


Suffering the following medical conditions ARE NOT ALLOWED to participate in this event

  1. Congenital or rheumatic heart conditions
  2. Hypertension
  3. Myocarditis and other heart conditions
  4. Coronary heart disease, coronary arterial disease
  5. Serious arrhythmia
  6. Diabetes
  7. Bee Stings


  1. Age 18 years and below on event day if competing in the 20KM & 60KM Trail category with parental consent. If below 18 years of age, a parent must send and collect their son or daughter to the start/collect from the finish line in order to be able to participate.
  2. Age 18 years or over on event day if competing in 60KMTrail and Offroad.


  1. For 20KM TRAIL category COT is 8 hours from starting time.
  2. For 60KM @ KADAMAIAN ULTRA-TRAIL, COT is 19 hours.


Upon registering for the event you are agree to:

  1. Adhere to the event rules and regulations at all times during participation.
  2. Adhere to the mandatory kit and the rules pertaining to the use of the items.
  3. Accept the risks associated with trail running.
  4. To compete in a fair and sensible manner without resorting to any form of cheating or going against the spirit of the race.
  5. Understand that participation in the KADAMAIAN ADVENTURE RACE is a privilege and competitors compete with the understanding the privilege to compete can be withdrawn if a participant is found to be rude, or in the race director's opinion not an individual that should be participating in this event to ensure some form of harmony and maturity and experience amongst the participants.
  6. Understand they will be subjected to the most extreme of weather conditions possible and that they understand the remote locations of the race course and route and the need for abide by the rules and spirit of competition at all times.
  7. You also hereby agree to abide by the official race mandatory kit requirements and understand failure to adhere to the mandatory kit list will result in your disqualification from either STARTING the event or being disqualified and stopped from proceeding at any point in time during the event. You are responsible for your own success or failure in this event.
  8. You are required to be self sufficient with water stations set up to cater for re-filling of hydration packs or bottles along the entire race course. These water stations, or WS also act as check points for challengers to sign in and confirm they have passed through the WS before proceeding on the race course. CP’s or check points are also set up along the race course to act as check in stations without the availability of water supplies for drinking given they are or may be in remote locations.
  9. Support crews are not advisable to run with or pace challengers. They are not allowed to utilize motorized or unmotorized vehicles to pace challengers nor to use vehicles to pace or follow or lead challengers. Any such acts may result in an immediate disqualification of challengers and removal from the trail challenge.You are not allowed to recieve assistance during the entire challenger until you cross the finish line. Any assistance recieved may be considered cheating and challengers may be automatically disqualified
  10. You must carry the mandatory gear at all times during the event.  Random gear checks may be performed during the event. Any participant without the mandatory gear will incur a penalty ranging from a time penalty to disqualification based on the severity of the breach.
  11.  Race numbers / BIB no must be visible at all times on the outside of clothing.
  1. If you withdraw from the event, you must inform event officials and sign the withdrawal form at the closest checkpoint. (Unless assisted from the course by first aid crews).
  2. You must obey directions of checkpoint staff and course marshals at all times.  If you don’t leave CP until cut-off times you must withdraw from the race as instructed.
  3. Damaging or disturbing any flora or fauna is strictly prohibited.
  4. Doping and the use of prohibited drugs are strictly prohibited.
  5. Ensure your own safety and the others.  Be considerate of other trail and road users at all times.  Take care when crossing or running on roads.
  6. The participant is responsible for the actions of their family and friends.  Family and friends of the participants must comply   with all instructions from event staff and officials.  The participant may be penalized or disqualified for actions or breaches of the rules by their family and friends. They must follow the instructions of all checkpoint staff including requests to vacate certain sections of the checkpoint area.  The event organizers are not responsible for the safety of them.
  7. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event rules and requirements, route and/or other arrangements.
  8. Any rule that is not mentioned here will be controlled by the decision of KAR organizing team.


A list of mandatory gear has been prepared by the Racing and Safety Committees who have vast experience with outdoor adventure in all sorts of weather under both race and non-race conditions. We know how difficult it can get and what you’ll need to stay safe. Certain individuals within the committees are involved in search and rescue both commercially and as a volunteer.

This event's mandatory gear list contains what we believe to be the BARE MINIMUM to keep you safe and well, should you be delayed for some reason during the event. Naturally, if the weather is good and if you do not get injured then you won’t use most of your mandatory gear. 

However, the mandatory gear is required in case you do get injured, lost, exhausted and immobilized, or if the weather turns nasty - you will be able to survive until you can be rescued.
The consequences can be critical if you are immobilized or caught in bad weather without appropriate gear.

Keeping it fair. It would be nice to think that we could leave it to runners to self-regulate and select appropriate gear for the conditions but many participants would simply not know the danger they’d be placing themselves in if they went too light. As long as everyone carries the gear it’s fair, so random gear checks are a feature of this event. We’d like to think that as well as seeing the sense in carrying the mandatory gear for your own safety, you will also keep to the spirit of the event and will carry the required gear just like everyone else.

The mandatory kit for 60KM category are as follows:

  1. Emergency Whistle
  2. Ability to carry up to 1.5L of drinking water either via hydration bladders or waist pouch with bottles or a combination of a hydration bladder and bottles.
  3. Mobile Phone
  4. Sun Cap or similar
  5. Sunblock/ sunscreen
  6. Sufficient quantity of Re-hydration salts or similar
  7. Sufficient quantity of Energy bars/ Gels
  8. Basic medical kit containing gauze, pads and necessary items to treat basic wounds and cuts.
  9. Buff scarf or similar (Optional)
  10. Emergency blanket (Optional)
  11. Raincoat / jacket
  12. Trekking Poles or Hiking sticks (Optional)
  13. Deep Heat Spray (Optional)
  14. Headlamp

The mandatory kit for 20KM are as follows:

  1. Ability to carry up to 1 Liter of drinking water either via hydration bladders or waist pouch with bottles or a combination of a hydration bladder and bottles.
  2. Emergency Whistle
  3. Mobile phone
  4. Sufficient quantity of Energry Bars/gel
  5. Raincoat/jacket (optional)


  1. You must complete the marked course on foot under your own power. Trekking poles are permitted.
  2. Your race number must be worn (front or back) and visible at all times on the outside of your clothing.
  3. You must complete on the allocated cut-off time.
  4. You must check-in with on the designated timing points within the event.
  5. All challengers must also produce their mandatory kit for inspection before they will be authorized to be officially registered to compete in the event.
  6. Failure to meet mandatory kit requirements may result in a challenger being denied entry to compete in the event. 





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