Eric Chou 22PLUS 2018 Asia Tour in Malaysia

Axiata Arena
Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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續上兩次在馬來西亞開紅盤的個人演唱會,這將是Eric 自 2017年 11 月在台北舉辦了兩場反應熱烈,叫好叫座的「Eric周興哲《22 TWENTY TWO /Asia Tour》演唱會」後,正式開始亞洲巡演的升級版。

來自台灣的周興哲在2014年因演唱有林心如,謝佳見,許瑋甯主演的電視劇《16個夏天》的片尾曲〈以後別做朋友〉而爆紅成為樂壇創造小天王因而正式踏入華語流行音樂創作歌手行列。同年12月24日,發行個人首張創作專輯《學著愛》。 2016 年發行第二張專輯《愛,教會我們的事》,首波主打《你,好不好? 》一推出就衝破千萬點擊率,並坐擁數位音樂榜冠軍。 2017年12月15日發行首次當任專輯製作人的第三張專輯《如果雨之後》是延續《你,好不好? 》的一首主打情歌,堪稱2017 年末最深切、最動人、最能呼喚摯愛的情歌…。這幾年周興哲是各大K 歌排行榜上常客,療癒情歌王子稱號不是虛名,《愛,教會我們的事》,《你,好不好》,《以後別做朋友》,《學著愛》 ,《如果雨之後》等首首唱入人心的溫柔旋律。

Eric 創作靈感來源自國高中聽很多爵士音樂、古典音樂,除了在自己的專輯中收入大部分自己的作品,同時也幫其他歌手創作歌曲包括 A-Lin,張信哲,齊秦,胡夏等等。非常喜歡在演唱會跟粉絲大合唱的 Eric 誠意邀請你一起來,把演唱會會場變成巨型 KTV!


“Taiwan talented singer-songwriter Eric Chou is coming back to Malaysia! Following shows in Singapore and Hong Kong, Unusual Entertainment Pte Ltd is proud to announce that Eric Chou will be bringing his latest, upgraded tour – Eric Chou 周興哲《TWENTY TWO PLUS》22PLUS 2018 Asia Tour to Malaysia on 1 September 2018!

‘The Distance of Love’, the OST for the Taiwanese drama ‘The Way We Were’ catapulted Eric into the spotlight in 2014. That same year, he debuted with ‘My Way to Love’, a self-composed album which features 11 tracks. In 2016, he released his second album ‘What Love Has Taught Us’ with the hit song ‘How Have You Been?’ reached 10 million views upon its release and attained first place in various other music charts. In Dec 2017, Eric Chou transforms into a romantic poet in his third self-produced album ‘The Chaos after You’. Following his ‘22 Twenty Two’ Asia tour, the singer-songwriter returns with a refreshing EDM style in the first plug ‘Without Her’. Following ‘How Have You Been?’, ‘The Chaos After You’ (title track for his third album) has been deemed as the most touching, most relatable ballad end 2017. With hits after hits such as ‘What Love Has Taught Us’, ‘How Have You Been?’, ‘My Way to Love’, Eric Chou has been a regular on major song charts and has also been named as the ‘Prince of Love Song’.

Eric got his inspiration from listening to jazz and classical music when he was young. He had also composed songs for A-Lin, Jeff Chang, Chyi Chin, Hu Xia, and many more.

Do not miss this chance to catch Eric Chou perform and to sing-along with him at the concert this 1 September 2018 at Axiata Arena

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