Dialogue In The Dark Malaysia Exhibition

The Weld
The Weld, LG -05-06, No 79, Jalan Raja Chulan,50200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Dialogue In The Dark Malaysia Exhibition

Exhibition information

Experience Centre Operation Hours:
Tues - Sat: 11am to 6pm
Sun : 2pm to 6pm
Close on Monday & Selected Public Holidays.

Experience Ticket Pricing:

Adult (18 and above) RM30 per ticket
Youth (13 – 17 years) RM25 per ticket
Child (7 – 12 years) RM20 per ticket
Experience Center Location:
Dialogue in the Dark
LG-05-06, Lower Ground Floor
The Weld
No 76, Jalan Raja Chulan
50200 Kuala Lumpur

Duration of the tours:

  • The visit takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.
  • The visit will be in groups of 8 people (maximum) with time slots of every 15 minutes in intervals on a daily basis within operation hours. 
  • For instance:

Slot 1: 11.00am – 11.45am

Slot 2: 11.15am – 12.00am

Slot 3: 11.30am – 12.15am

Slot 4: 11.45am – 12.30am

Slot 5: 12.00pm – 12.45pm and etc

last slot 33: 6.00pm - 6.45pm

  • Each group with a maximum of 8 people is accompanied by one of our trained guides. He / she remains throughout the journey leading the group through all the galleries.

Collecting Ticket:

Reserved tickets must be collected not later than 15 minutes before the tour starts. After this deadline, the reservation is automatically released. You are kindly requested to notify as soon as possible of any changes or cancellations.

If you find that you are delayed, you should inform us as soon as possible. At best we can possibly grant you admission to a tour at a later date or time, subject to availability.

"The Dialogue in the Dark Exhibition / Experiential Tour consists of a series of rooms in complete darkness"

The visitors, in groups of up to 8 people, get a short briefing and are introduced to the use of a long cane before embarking on the journey through darkness. Escorted by the guide, they spend 45-60 minutes exploring darkened galleries. Within this new paradigm, guides open the visitors’ eyes to show them that the world of the blind, the world of the “other”, is in no way poorer – just different.

The concept of Dialogue in the Dark is simple, visitors are led by blind guides in groups through specially constructed dark rooms in which scent, sound, wind, temperature and texture convey the characteristics of daily environments – for example a park, a city or having a drink in a local stall. The daily routines become a new experience.

A reversal of roles is created: people who can see are taken out of their familiar environment. Blind people provide them with security and a sense of orientation by transmitting to them a world without pictures. The tour itself lasts 45 minutes but the effects can last a lifetime.

“黑暗中对话”的概念很简单,游客通过特殊构造的黑暗房间由盲人导游团队领导,其中气味,声音,风,温度和纹理传达日常环境的特征 - 例如公园,城市或拥有在当地的摊位喝一杯。日常生活成为一种全新的体验。 


Can Young Children visit the exhibition?

For children, we recommend children aged 7 and above. If you wish to enter as a family group, you decide if your child would be ready and able to experience 1 hour in total darkness. Do note that we do not provide baby-sitting or child-minding services.

Can I book a guided tour in a foreign language?

Tours are available on request in different languages. Just indicate this request when you place your booking. Tours are primarily in English but also available in Malay & Mandarin at this moment.

What Do i do if i cannot stand the darkness unexpectedly?

If at any time, you experience discomfort in the dark and need to go out of the exhibition, please verbally alert the accompanying guide and he /she will get someone to safely guide you out to the light

Is there anything I should look out for before the exhibition/experiential tour?

All light emitting devices such as watches, cellphones, cameras, or glow-in-the-dark items must be taken off before entering. Lockers will be provided for your personal belongings. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Outside food or beverages are not allowed, but as part of the experience, drinks can be purchased during the tour (with cash only). In the Kopitiam, we only accept cash, small change in MYR currency should be prepared.

Can those with special needs visit the exhibition?

Please indicate any special needs at time in advance (during booking) so that we may schedule the necessary arrangements for you.


  • We will provide a manual wheelchair and a special guide. For people who use an electric wheelchair, it is necessary to change into our own mechanical wheelchair.

Limited mobility

  • For people who are dependent on walking aids, it may be necessary to use our wheelchair. An additional guide will be assigned to look after him / her.

Hearing impaired

  • In the darkness, hearing is of utmost importance. If you are affected in this area, please let us know. We have already had good experiences with hearing impaired visitors. It is recommended to have a sign language interpreter present. However, if there is none, we can assign an additional guide to provide tactile hand signals, so even if in the dark, communication can take place.

I’m pregnant, can I visit the exhibition?

  • If you are in your advanced stage of pregnancy, please let us know so that the guide can take measures to ensure your safety, eg. prevent collisions, etc

Can I take my baby into the exhibition?

  • This is not recommended. You may take in an infant into the exhibition at your own risk. Do place the infant in a sling strapped to your body as it is recommended to keep both your hands free to explore the exhibition.

Is there washroom/toilets in the dark?

There is no toilet in the exhibition. We recommend you to visit the washroom in advance before the tour. If you need to use the washroom during the exhibition, you may raise your request to the guide and will be led out.However we do not recommend this as it will create a disruption in your own dark experience as well as the rest of the visitors in your group.

Can I just do a walk-in registration for the exhibition/experiential tour?

Yes, you can. However, the slots are on first come first serve basis. As capacity is limited, we would recommend that you pre-register first.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Please present your e-ticket/QR code to our counter.
  • Applicable for visitors from Seven (7) years old and above.
  • Please contact us at [email protected] or call 03-27706380 should you require any further assistance
  • Goods sold are not refundable and not exchangeable for cash.
  • Ticket are not transferable and No Cancellation.
  • We reserve the right to vary these terms & conditions.

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