GED Robo Sumo Competition 2018

1st Avenue Mall
Level 8, 1st Avenue Mall, Jalan Magazine, George Town, Penang
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Sumo robot contests feature two robots trying to push each other out of a ring. The competitions are non-destructive, family friendly, and great learning experiences. The purpose of this guide is to encourage you to hold and participate in sumo robot events.
Two self-controlled robots are placed in a ring. The robots try to avoid falling out or avoid being pushed out by the opponent robot. The first robot that touches outside of the ring loses the round.
The first robot to win two rounds, wins the match. Different robots compete one-on-one against each other throughout the contest. The robot that wins the most matches wins the contest.

GREAT NEWS as the New Registration Deadline are prolonged till 10th December 2018

Rules and Regulations (Please click here)

Location Map

Terms and Conditions

  1. There is RM100 registration fee for Robo Sumo Competition. RM50 is the deposit that will be refunded to the participants after the event.
  2. RM100 will not be refunded if participant pull out from the competition without any further notice.

3. The organizer reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition and these terms and conditions without notice.

The rules of the competition and how to enter are as follows:

Rule 01  The robot shall be autonomous. No external form of control or any external intervention is allowed. No remote control of any kind is allowed. 

Rule 02  The robot is to be started with a single switch either toggle or push type.  There are no restrictions on the type of control method used with autonomous robots. 

Rule 03 The competition will start right after the start button is being pressed. 

Rule 04 There are no restrictions on the brand or type of controller used for a robot. Just to name a few: - Arduino series - Raspberry Pi - BeagleBone - PIC Microcontroller - rero - Lego NXT 

Rule 05 Edge detection sensor is encouraged to be integrated into robot for Sumo ring edge detection. 

Rule 06 Fallen items from the robots shall be removed after each match. 

Rule 07 A game consists of single match during round robin. During knockout (starting from Quarter final), a game consists of three (3) matches. Each match shall last for two (2) minutes. - 1 (one) point shall be given to every match winner. - 0 (zero) point shall be given to a loser. - If a game ends with no winner (draw), a test of strength by the two robots will be the decider. 

Rule 08 Participants will be given 1 minute of servicing time before the start of their game. A maximum of two members are allowed to service their robots at a designated area under supervision. Only replacement of identical parts and batteries are allowed during the servicing time.


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