Larian Rasa Sayang 2019

Stadium Shah Alam
Level 1, Kuadrant AB, Stadium Shah Alam Section 13, Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
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Run Description (Larian Rasa Sayang 2019) 

Larian Rasa Sayang 2019 is proudly brought to you by Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (Diperbadankan) [KWAP] for the first time happening on 5th October 2019 at Shah Alam Stadium! Targeting 2000 runners from all walks of life, this run event offers free admission for pensioners age 55 years old and above. We are offering a platform for Malaysians especially pensioners to stay active and living a healthy lifestyle. We fervently encourage Malaysians to come out in full force, with family, friends and neighbours, for an exciting, memorable and fun time at Larian Rasa Sayang 2019.

Making it more rewarding, all runners would have the opportunity to participate in the 2nd edition of Karnival Rasa Sayang 2019 which will be held on 5th and 6th October 2019 at the same location. The carnival is designed with fun activities, workshop for pensioners, kids’ zone, food trucks, exhibition booths emphasizing on 3 main highlights namely career, hobbies and lifestyle & travel, talks by speakers and personalities as well as live performances not to be missed. See you there! 

Event Information

Event Date
5 October 2019
Event Time
6.30 AM -11.00 AM
Event Venue
Stadium Shah Alam

Category & Fee

Age Group
18 Years and Above
18 Years and Above
45 Years and Above
40 Years and Above

*Pensioners age 55 years old and above will enjoy  a free registration

Age Group
18 Years and Above
RM 25.00
18 Years and Above
45 Years and Above
40 Years and Above
(13 - 17 Years Old)
RM 20.00
(13 - 17 Years Old)

*Pensioners age 55 years old and above will enjoy  a free registration

Individual Fees
Group of 4
Open to all
Runners aged below 13 must be accompanied by at least one parent
RM 20.00
RM 60.00

*Pensioners age 55 years old and above will enjoy  a free registration
* (First-come-first-serve and it is limited to           2000 participants only)
*Price is inclusive of online charging fees

Participant Entitlement





Microfiber Running Tee 

Finisher Medal 

Sling Bag




Personalized Bib Number

Timing Chip


Race Kit Collection

Date : 28 & 29 September 2019

Venue : Kuadran A, Kaunter Tiket A, Perkarangan Stadium Shah Alam, Seksyen 13, Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Time : 9.00 am - 3.00 pm

Instructions :

All registered participants must bring the confirmation slip from Ticket2U and Identification card or passport for collection of participants’ Race Kit, the official pack issues by the organizer to the participant containing all relevant event materials at the venue (which is to be confirmed) and schedule above. 

If participants are unable to collect their Race Kit in person, the participant’s authorized person may do so by presenting the copy of the confirmation slip from Ticket2U or Identification card or passport.

Collection of the participants’ Race Kit NOT in accordance with these instructions will NOT be entertained, and the organizer shall not be liable for any loss or inconvenience caused due to the participants’ inability to collect their Race Kit. It is the sole responsibility of the Participant to collect their Race Kit during the collection period.

Uncollected Race Kits will be deemed as unwanted, and the organizer shall be at liberty to dispose or re-distribute them accordingly. 

After registration, there will be no fee refund for participants who do not eventually take part in the Larian Rasa Sayang 2019, for any reasons whatsoever.

Flag Off Time


Cut Off Time

2.0 hours

1.5 hours
1 hours

Event Tee Design

Disclaimer: T-shirt design and material are subject to change

Size Chart & Measurement Guide

Finisher Medal design for 10KM, 5KM, 2KM categories

String Bag Design

Closing Date for Registration

  • 15th September  2019  
  • Or base on first come first serve
    (limited to 2000 participants only)
  • On-the-spot entries will not be entertained.

Route Map 2KM

Route Map 5KM

Route Map 10KM







1ST : RM 500.00 

2nd : RM 400.00 

3rd : RM 300.00 

4th-5th : RM 200.00 



1ST : RM 400.00 

2nd : RM 300.00 

3rd : RM 200.00  

4th-5th : RM 100.00 



1ST : RM 300.00 

2nd : RM 200.00 

3rd : RM 100.00  

4th-5th : RM 80.00 

Event Tentative Schedule



6.30 am

  • Participants Arrival

6.45 am – 7.00 am

  • Aerobic & Zumba

7.00 am – 7.15am

  • Flag off 10km, 5km, 2km Category

7.15 am – 9.00 am

  • Side Activities

9.15 am – 10.00 am

  • Closing & Prize Giving Ceremony 

10.30 am

  • End of Larian Rasa Sayang 2019

Disclaimer: Programme is subject to change

Location Map

Terms and Conditions


Participation is open to all Malaysians only. Registration will only be confirmed once full payment has been made. Runners must meet the qualifying age(s) of the associated category and distances.

  • ·Participants under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a registered (participating) paying adult. Participants who have completed the online registration form agrees to abide by all applicable  rules and regulations of the event.
  • Completion of the official online registration through Ticket2U confirms the participant’s agreement to abide by all of the event’s Rules and Regulations. Registration for participation in the race is only confirmed upon the successful completion of the race entry form, entry fee payment and issuance of a race identification number.
  • The organizer reserves the right to modify or substitute any of the event’s rules and regulations  from time to time as they deem fit.
  • Participants must complete their registration details with true, accurate and current information.
  • Changes on confirmed registrations (for example, runners’ replacement, change of race, change of T-shirt size etc.) are not possible under any circumstances.
  • Race entry is strictly non-transferable, and entry fees are non-refundable. Those who are running with unauthorized race number will be disqualified. Participant shall not be entitled to a refund of the entry fee if he or she is disqualified from the event as a result of an infringement of the rules and regulations of the event.
  • The race starts from Stadium Shah Alam and through the route specified by the organizer and ends at the same venue as the starting point.
  • Winners will be determined based on the timing reflected by the official timing chip (Net time) located on the Race Bibs (10km & 5km categories ONLY). 

    All prize winners must produce their identity card for age verification purposes.  

  • For disputes on race results, only appeals: (a) in writing submitted to the Organizer 10 minutes after the official results’ announcement; and (b) together with a RM100.00 deposit will be accepted. A deposit of RM100.00 will be refunded if the appeal is successful. The Organizer’s decision on any appeals made will be final and conclusive.

  • All participants who successfully complete the race will be awarded a Finisher's Medal at the Finish Line, with the race bib as proof of participation.

  • The organizer reserves the right to delay the start of the run in the event of heavy rain or extreme weather condition/natural disaster. If the unfavorable weather condition persists after the delay, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the run without providing refunds to the participants. The organizer shall not be held responsible for any claims and there shall be no further liability whatsoever arising in any form made by any individual or parties concerned.

  • In respect of any amendment on the routes to be used for the race, the organizer reserves the right to amend the Larian Rasa Sayang 2019 race routes as they deem fit for the safety of the participant and/or to prevent any potential hazards in the running of the event, at any time without prior notice to the participant. In such cases, reasonable efforts will be made to inform the participant prior to the day/ on the date of the event. The organizer shall not be liable for any other loss or inconvenience caused due to such changes.

  • Pets, bicycles, in-line skates, prams, strollers, push carts, shoes with built-in or attached rollers and any other wheel-run objects are not allowed on the race route. The only exception to this rule is for the 2 km Fun Run category, where prams, wheel chairs and strollers are allowed. Only official race and medical vehicles are allowed on the race route.

  • The organizer will not be responsible for any loss and/or damage, personal or otherwise, to the belongings and items deposited at the Event’s baggage storage provided to  the Participants. The organizer also reserves the right to check any item or bag deposited for security purposes.

  • Sweeper vehicles will be mobilized to pick up participants after cut- off time for each category. Participants are encouraged to board the sweeper vehicles.

  • Participants must run on designated path for the entire route. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

  • Participants who take part are required to keep to the left side of the lane so as not to cause obstruction to other runners/walkers.

  • The organizer reserves the right to use any photographs (including those of participants), motion pictures, recording or any other record of this event for legitimate purpose, including commercial advertising.

  • All winners must provide identification card or passport for age verification at secretariat room before price giving ceremony.

  • The organizer’s decision in respect of the results of the race [or] in respect of any matters and/or queries brought to the organizer’s attention is final and conclusive. Accordingly, the participant will comply with all event rules and all instructions and guidelines given by the organizer.

  • Notwithstanding anything in the rules and regulations of the event, the organizer shall not be liable to any participant for any liability in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any loss of business, revenue or profits, anticipated savings or wasted expenditure, loss or damage of or to personal equipment belonging to the participant or any indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever (notwithstanding that such loss was within the contemplation of the parties at the date of submitting the race entry) arising out of the participant taking part in the event or any other matter arising under this rules and regulations nor for an aggregate amount greater than the race entry fee paid by the participant. Without limiting the foregoing, the organizer will not be liable for any actions of any spectators or third parties unless otherwise set out herein. Accordingly, the participant expressly and irrevocably renounces, for him/herself, heirs and successors in title the right to any recourse or claims whatsoever against the organizer, its officer, employees, suppliers and/or sponsors and/or persons for whom it is answerable (“the Associated Parties”) as a result of any kind physical, mental, or other loss or damage whatsoever nature (including any loss of earnings, profits, or pain and suffering) suffered by the participant, directly or indirectly, or by his/her family or by any dependents and caused by an event in any way relating to the participant’s participation in event, and the participant undertakes, for himself/herself, heirs and successors in title to indemnify and hold harmless the organizer, and the Associated Parties for any costs and/or amount which they or any of them may be required to pay as a result of any recourse or claim aforesaid by whomsoever made. The participant also agrees to indemnify the organizer and the Associated Parties for any claim, actions liabilities or losses resulting from any breach if the participant’s declarations above and/or the participant’s negligent acts or omissions and/or willful misconduct.

  • The participant irrevocably consents to:
    a)His/her appearance in the event being filmed, recorded, incorporated and exploited in whole or in part in any television programme, film, video or broadcast of whatever nature by all means and, in all media, and formats now or invented after the date of these rules and regulations; and
    b)The use and reproduction of the participant’s name, likeness, appearance and photographs, films and recordings by all means and in all media for the purpose of advertising, publicity ad otherwise in relation to the event (and future events) and/or promotion of the event (and future events) and the commercial rights relating to the event (and future events) provided that such use does not imply direct endorsement by the participant of any official sponsor or supplier of the event.
    c)Any film, photographs (by camera or mobile phone), or any other recording of moving or still picture, and all intellectual property in connection therewith (including but not limited to copyright) shall remain the property of the organizer, and where such intellectual property does not automatically vest in the organizer, there rules and regulations shall constitute a legally binding assignment thereof and/or the participant shall sign all reasonable documentation required to give affect thereto.  Accordingly, any such recording shall not be used other than for private use without the organizer’s prior written consent.

  • These rules and regulations (and the documents referred to in them) constitute the entire agreement and understanding of the parties and supersede any previous agreement between the parties relating to the event.  The participant acknowledges and agrees that in submitting the entry form (and the documents referred to in them) it does not rely on, and shall have no remedy in respect of, any statement, representation, warranty, understanding, promise or assurance (whether negligently or innocently made) of any person (whether party to these rules and regulations or not) other than expressly set out in these rules and regulations.

  • Nothing in these rules and regulations shall constitute or be deemed to constitute a partnership between the parties hereto or constitute or be deemed to constitute either party as agent of the other for any purpose whatsoever and neither party shall have authority or power to bind the other for any purpose whatsoever and neither party shall have authority or power to bind the other or to contract in the name of the other in any way or for any purpose.

  • No waiver by either party of a breach or a default hereunder shall be effective unless in writing and signed by both parties and any such waiver shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any subsequent breach or default of the same or similar nature.

  • To the extent permitted by law, all provisions of these rules and regulations shall be severable and no provision shall be affected by the invalidity or unenforceability of any other provision with the remaining provisions if necessary, being so amended as shall be necessary to give effect to the spirit of these rules and regulations so far as possible.

  • These rules and regulations shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Malaysia and any dispute arising hereunder shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Malaysian Courts.


  • Participants must be physically fit, in good health and should be free from any medical, physical, mental disability and chronic/infectious disease to complete their chosen race distance within the designated cut-off time.

  • Participants are responsible for their own personal health insurance and wellbeing. Participants are strongly encouraged to go for a medical examination and/or consult their medical practitioner prior to registration and before the race day.

  • Participants must retire from the race immediately if asked / requested to do so by any member of the officials, medical personnel or security officers.

    Participants agrees that he/she is physically capable of competing in the event and agrees to be solely responsible for his/ her actions and the organize, its officers, employees, agents, affiliates, associated companies, sponsors or medical advisers are not responsible for any injury or illness that the participant may suffer as a result of his/her participation in the event (unless caused due to the negligence of the organizer).  The participant accepts that should any medical or physical condition arise prior to the event which is likely to affect his/her ability to participate, the participant will withdraw in accordance with these rules and regulations. must have the physical fitness suitable for the category that he/she registered for, by the day of the race.


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