Sparkle Run (Melaka)

Malacca Botanical Garden
Lebuh Ayer Keroh, 75450 Ayer Keroh, Melaka, Malaysia
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       18-01-2020 & 19-01-2020
Flag Off Time 
  •        07:00  AM  Or
  •        08:30 AM
       Taman Botani Melaka
Race Kit Collection
      Parking Taman Botani Melaka (17-01-2020) 10.30 AM - 7.00 PM
Organiser        0179152261 or [email protected] or

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Terms and Conditions

1. General
1.1 Starshine Event Malaysia Sdn Bhd (‘the Organizer’). All persons who register to participate in Sparkle Run Event (‘the Participants’) shall be bound by the terms as mentioned below (‘the Rules and Regulations’)
1.2 The Participants are required to register for Sparkle Run Event by either registering online or completing and submitting the prescribed electronic registration form through the online registration system of Sparkle Run Event (‘the eRegistration Form’). By submitting the e-Registration Form, the Participants and/or their parents/guardians are deemed to have given permission to the Organizer to collect analyse and use the Participants’ and/or their parents’/guardians’ data and information as the Organizer deems fit. The Organizer shall at all times comply with prevailing Malaysia laws on personal data.
1.3 The e-Registration Form submitted by the Participants will only be processed and validated after confirmation of receipt of the registration fees by the Organizer. Upon confirmation of registration, there will be no refund of the registration fees for any reason whatsoever. For the avoidance of doubt, the registration of any Participant is nontransferable to any other party.
1.4 The Participants consent and authorize the Organizer to use any photograph, motion picture, recording or any other media records (including those of the Participants) of Sparkle Run Event for the purposes deems fit by the Organizer.
1.5 All participants are required to have a minimum age of 6 years and above. The organizer has the right to refuse the participants to participant in the Sparkle Run event if this requirement has not been met.
1.6 The registration for participant below the age of 18 years (‘Minor Participants’) shall be submitted by their parent/guardian on behalf of the Minor Participant. The e-Registration Form received by the Organizer shall be the conclusive evidence of the e-Registration Form being completed and submitted by the parent/ guardian and not someone else. The parent/guardian must ensure the understanding, observance, compliance and adherence of the Rules and Regulations by the Minor Participants. In the event the Minor Participant and/or the parent/guardian of the Minor Participant fails to comply with para  1.5 and 1.6 of the Rules and Regulations, the Organizer shall have the absolute discretion to refuse participation of Sparkle Run Event by the Minor Participant. For the avoidance of doubt, the parent/guardian shall indemnify the Organizer for its loss or damage due to the breach of any Rules and Regulation by the Minor Participant.
1.7 The Participant who is below the age of 16 years at the time of the Event shall be accompanied by parent/guardian at all times during the Event. All accompanying parent or guardian is required to have purchased ticket and wristband to participate with their minor during the event. Any accompanying parent or guardian without a purchased ticket would not be allowed to participate in the challenge event.
1.8 Save and except for Participants having mobility impairment, all items such as pets, bicycles, in-line skates, prams, push carts, shoes with
built-in or attached rollers and any other wheel-run objects are not allowed in Sparkle Run Event. Participants having mobility impairment that require such assistive devices must ensure that the devices do not cause inconvenience or obstruction to the other participants during Sparkle Run Event.
1.9 Confirmation and acceptance of registration will be forwarded via email to the Participant’s email address provided in the e-Registration Form within 7 working days from the date the Organizer received the e-Registration Form. Any Participant who does not receive the confirmation email within 7 working days from the date of submission of the e-Registration Form may contact Sparkle Run Event enquiry centre by email at [email protected]
1.10 The confirmation or registration email will be used as proof of acceptance of participation and for eligibility to collect the dry fit shirt, wristband and other merchandise for Sparkle Run Event. The Participants shall collect the race kit according to the instructions given by the Organizer. All the unclaimed dry fit shirts, souvenirs or gifts for Sparkle Run Event may be disposed of by the Organizer at its sole discretion after 1 month from the date of Sparkle Run Event without prior notice to the Participants entitled to the same. And all unclaimed perishable items may be disposed of by the Organizer at its sole discretion immediately after Sparkle Run Event.
1.11 All participants must not carry or wear any objects that are sharp, explosive or that may cause any harm to the items displayed in the Event area. The organizer has the right to refuse admission if the participants is unwilling to remove such objects before running on the event day. The Organizer hold no responsibility to the placement or safe keeping of the participant’s properties such as shoes, cell phones or any other belongings. All participants are responsible for the loss and safety of all their belonging during this event.
1.12 Sparkle Run will run, rain or shine. In case of lightning or other “severe” weather, the event will either be delayed until the weather clears, postponed until the next day, rescheduled for another day or cancelled all together. There are no standing scheduled “rain dates” for events
owned and directed by the Starshine Event. Events are held rain or shine. In the case of significantly inclement weather (i.e. lightning in the area), the Organizer reserves the right to alter the components of the event or course to address safety concerns, or potentially delay, postpone or cancel the event. In addition, it is possible that while we desire not to cancel the event, our facility and/or municipalities may force the cancellation of the event. In such situations, there will be no refunds of entry fees. Each athlete must accept any such risk of their entry fee. Monies collected have already been used to develop and produce the event. We promise to make every effort to produce a fair, safe and exciting event. Any decision made to go forth with the event is contingent on the overall event and course safety, and is made in collectively with local risk management, police, fire & rescue, and medical personnel as appropriate. The Organizer reserves the right to withhold any items to maintain a safe course for all runners.

2.1 All Participants shall receive an E-certificate as a proof of participant. The E-certificate can be downloaded from the main webpage Sparkle Run’s authorised ticketing platform as soon as it has been uploaded by the Organizer after the event day. Each challengers who managed to cross the finish line will receive the Official medal provided by the Organizer.

3.Loss and Damage
3.1 All Participants must ensure the care of their personal belongings and the public properties or amenities in the vicinity of Sparkle Run Event’s location. In the event any of the Participants damage or cause any damage to the surrounding environment, public properties or amenities during Sparkle Run Event, the Participant must fully indemnify the Organizer or any third party in respect of such damage or loss.
3.2 The Organizer shall not be held liable in respect of any economic loss or personal loss of the Participants which include such loss of any personal belongings or items or loss or damage cause by the Participants’ use of the public amenities incurred or suffered by the Participants throughout the duration of Sparkle Run Event.

4.1 The Organizer reserves the sole and absolute right to postpone, cancel, interrupt or stop the event due to any unforeseen circumstances, which includes adverse weather conditions, national emergency, war, pestilence, strike, lockout, industrial action, fire, flood, drought, tempest, dangerous situations, or any other events beyond the control of the Organizer without any prior notice. The Participants shall not have any other claim for costs damages compensation whatsoever against the Organizer.

5.Health and Fitness
5.1 All Participants must be medically fit for the purpose of participating in Sparkle Run Event.
5.2 While reasonable precaution will be taken by the Organizer to ensure the Participants’ safety, the Participants take part in Sparkle Run Event at their own risk and the Organizer shall not be held liable for any loss, damage, injury or death howsoever arising from the participation of the Participants in Sparkle Run Event.
5.3 The Organizer shall have the sole and absolute right to stop any Participant from participating or continue participating in Sparkle Run Event without assigning any reason whatsoever.

6.1 All Participants are encouraged to finish the Sparkle Run Event for the purpose of achieving the objectives of the Sparkle Run Event.
6.2 Participants are required to wear the Dry Fit shirt and wristband provided by the Organizer throughout Sparkle Run Event.
6.3 Any obstruction or any act of annoyance, destruction or aggression or any such actions against another Participant or against public order are at all times strictly prohibited throughout Sparkle Run Event. The Organizer may obtain or seek the intervention of the relevant authorities to ensure the order and safety of the other Participants at Sparkle Run Event.
6.4 The Participants shall at all times be bound to refrain from carrying out any conduct (which may include the act of using social media) that may cause harm, potential harm or disrepute to the Organizer, any third party or in contravention of any law. The Participants must fully indemnify the Organizer or any third party in respect of such damage or loss incurred or suffered. This para
6.5 shall survive the expiration of Sparkle Run Event for a period of 10 years.
6.6 Participants are strictly prohibited and undertake not to bring into, or consume, or possess any illegal substance at Sparkle Run Event or carry any arms which include weapons, smoke bombs, compressed gas containers, blades of any kind, or glass bottles. Any Participants who breached this rule shall immediately cease to participate in Sparkle Run Event upon request by the Organizer and the Participants may be handed to the relevant authorities for subsequent action. Smoking and vaping of any substances is at all times not permitted at Sparkle Run Event.

7.1 Where there arises any ambiguity arising from the interpretation of any Rules and Regulations, the Organizer shall be the designated authority to interpret it and any such interpretation of the terms of the Organizer shall be final and binding.
7.2 (a) In the case of discrepancy between any published versions of the Rules and Regulations (whether in the form of the hard copy registration forms of Sparkle Run Event, or such other published formats), the Rules and Regulations of the official website of Sparkle Run Event shall
supersede all other published versions of the Rules and Regulations for Sparkle Run Event.
7.3 The Organizer shall have absolute discretion to make any amendment, deletion, modification or substitute any part of the Rules and Regulations whether wholly or partially as and when it deems appropriate without prior notice to the Participants.
7.4 The Rules and
Regulation shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia. Any dispute, controversy, claim, all actions and/or proceedings arising out or in connection to the Rules and Regulations shall be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia and shall be binding upon the Participants.

8. Race Kit Collection
8.1 Late collection will not be entertained and sparkle run shall not be liable for any other loss or inconvenience caused, due to Participants' inability to collect their running kits. For avoidance of doubt, Sparkle Run Event is not obligated to extend the collection period or to ensure that a participant receives his or her running kit.
8.2 At all times, it is the responsibility of the Participant to collect his or her running kit. Running kits not collected 30 minutes prior to flag off time will be deemed unwanted, and Sparkle Run Event shall be at liberty to dispose or re-distribute them accordingly.


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