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- A proven highly effective leadership workshop with theatre games and exercise approach

Improvisation: The Best Training Tool
- In the corporate world, people often find themselves entangled in ‘corporate chaos’ that restrict individual
expression, passion and effective communication. In theatre, actors achieve the best stage performance by
“losing themselves in the moment” and by collaborating freely with fellow actors.
- Corporate training incorporated with theatre-based games and exercises can allow participants to experience
deep transformational personal learning. This researched approach has been backed by the behavioural
validation of numerous participants in the U.S., Europe and India.
- Boway Business Theatre applies theatrical methodology to corporate training. Completely interactive and
experiential, our workshops encourage empathy, passion, communication and creativity regardless of what the
individuals’ roles; areas of responsibilities or skill-sets are. This is accomplished in an entertaining and non-
threatening atmosphere. Our workshops empower individuals and teams with the ability to better their inherent
strengths and to optimize key skills, including the area of communication, thereby improving productivity and
create better business results.
- Improvisation is a form of theatre where most or all of what is performed is created in the moment. With no
script and props, Improv performers don’t know what will happen onstage until they’re up there. Each scene
begins with a suggestion from the audience. The performers start with that prompt, making up the story as they
go along. Although improvise, they must follow three rules of Improv: 1) Make positive choice (Yes, and…); 2) Be
in the moment; 3) Make the other person look great! This means performers accept whatever their scene
partners do or say as part of the reality of the scene and then build on it with their own contributions. They must
be present in the moment, listening carefully, and contributing freely. These skills turn out to be particularly
useful in today’s fast paced workplaces.
- Improvisation is the best training tool to use, because the process engages the participants by playing the games
and makes the learning points stick. What I hear I forget, what I see I remember and what I "DO" I understand.
Improvisation helps the participants to get up from their seats and DO.

Workshop Objective
At the end of the workshop, you will understand how to
- Command the room
- Discover people’s perceptions of you
- Pivot easily to become more flexible in leadership styles
- Learn the improvisation process to increase confidence
- Enhance presentation and communication skills
- Increase your ability to read your people
- Learn to gain and maintain energy to fulfil your team goals
- Engage and influence your teams
- Manage your ability to handle difficult situations
- Increase credibility
- Be more optimistic
- Develop better empathy and trust

Workshop Format
- We adapt a blended mix of theatre-based games and exercises to help your new managers realize the higher up
in an organization one goes requires new skills and attitudes. It isn’t necessarily the “Lucky Socks” that got them
the promotion. They need to raise their executive presence to the level of their “new” peers and stakeholders.
- This experiential workshop will help your new managers discover the importance of commanding the room
instantly in enjoyable and non-threatening atmosphere.
- Before commencement of the workshop, all participants will be relieved of their designation, age and work
experience to give them maximum opportunity to participate fully in the theater games. We believe one can only
be truly open to people and ideas when participants work at letting go of their inhibitions.
- We expect all participants to be 100% committed during the workshop. The usage of cell phones will only be
permitted during workshop breaks.

We recommend a comfortable and casual dress code; this facilitates the exercises that will include free and quick movement at times.

Enjoy Cash Refund for training expenditure under HRDF fund (For Malaysia Registered Company)
- As Malaysia Registered Company, you are eligible to enjoy Cash Refund for any Training Expenditure under HRDF
fund. We will provide full supporting documentation to assist your organization in getting the claim completed.
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