Managing Emotion, Conflict and Change

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In the business world, responding and communicating calmly in highly charged situations requires skills and attitudes that can be learned and mastered.

In this highly experiential and interactive workshop, you will learn to become receptive to your own emotional hot buttons and manage emotions, reactions and defensive behaviours better.

In managing change, cultivating deep listening skills means you will be able to defuse strong emotions and learn to communicated in a way that support change.

Our experienced NLP trained trainers in the fields of emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and motivational interviewing will engage you to think differently about disputes, differences of opinion and your reactions to them.

About Managing Anger and Highly Charged Situations

Anger is a normal, healthy emotion but can quickly become unhealthy and detrimental if not understood and controlled. With this Anger Management designed by iTrainingExpert helps you hands-on on managing ones anger becomes easier and leads to less stress and improved personal and work relationships.

If nothing on this earth is certain, except death and taxes, then why do we are we still affected by 'anger' in all forms in our lives?

No doubt, there's benefits of having highly strung-emotions at times, but if 'anger' is constantly pounding you like a predator chasing its prey mercilessly, it can be an incredibly damaging force; costing us their jobs, personal relationships, and even their lives when it gets out of hand. However, since everyone experiences anger, it is important to have constructive approaches to manage it effectively.

By the end of the course, delegates will learn to:
- understand themselves and emotions better
- discover the root cause of anger and be aware of the triggers for negative emotions
- realise that the negative emotion is just a manageable 'temporary state'
- manage anger and other negative emotions before they go uncontrollable
- control the situation or people who are experiencing 'anger'
- maintain calm and contain professional service with unreasonable customers
- deal with self-inflicted anger
- flush and get rid of the toxic emotions bottled up in our bodies
- relax and react differently to cope with anger when it arises in future

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