Advanced Customer Service Management

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This programme draws upon the latest thinking and research into customer behaviours and the science and psychology of buying to provide attendees with an interactive and insightful guide into the more advanced practices of Customer Service Management.

Because the Internet has shrunk the world and turned many products into commodities, the experience the customer receives is more crucial than ever before. This training session will enable attendees to explore concepts and develop cutting edge tools and strategies for maximising their Customer Service with direct, bottom-line results.

Participants will develop the following competencies

Customer Acquisition Skills – Ensure customers will enjoy dealing with you and will do more business
Customer Retention Skills – Retain more of your customers (much cheaper than recruiting new ones)
Advocacy-building skills – Enable many of your customers will become advocates for your business in person and on-line creating word of mouth advertising – the most effective and cheapest kind
Differentiation Skills – Help you stand out from your competitors
Management & Coaching skills – Make your workplace more enjoyable and so improve staff retention which saves on recruitment and training costs
Anyone interested in helping their organisation develop and retain a critical strategic edge
Anyone who provides services, products or information to internal, or external customers including managers responsible for: training, customer service, sales professionals, technical and support personnel, accountants, field services representatives, finance and credit controllers, reception, front-line staff, marketing, communication specialists, public relations personnel and anyone who will ever need to influence others, either socially or commercially
This programme has been designed to help participants develop the vital skills to manage positive customer care. With the knowledge, they will be able to deal with customers effectively, maximize their potential, and exceed their expectations.

By the end of the training participants will be able to:

Understand the need for customer care skills
Identify strengths and weaknesses in the organisations customer care approach.
Gain the ability to use influencing skills to build long term relationships with key customers
Learn how to describe different customer behaviour styles
Be able to maximise the opportunity given by a complaining customer
Clearly understand what exceptional customer care looks like, and develop tactics to demonstrate this level of service
Understand the importance, and use of, the telephone, the internet and social media in delivering exceptional customer service
Understand how to deal effectively with anger, aggression and complaints
Understand the importance of security and personal security
Assess and analyse customer satisfaction
The programme uses a rich mixture of practical exercises, case-studies, questionnaires, syndicate and group work and video/DVD examples. Participants will be asked to reflect on and to discuss their own professional issues and experience.

The programme is a thorough and up-to-date introduction to the professional practice of customer service in the 21st century organisation. The tools and techniques to deliver business effectiveness in customer service excellence are systematically covered, practised and illustrated with a wide range of recent case-studies. The programme includes personal action planning to ensure that the learning can be successfully transferred to your own work.

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