Sabah Adventure Challenge Ultra Trail Marathon

Tanjung Aru - Peti Surat 1 - 690, 88858, Tanjung Aru, Sabah, Malaysia
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Sabah Adventure Challenge 2015 will see competitors take on a 100km km ultra trail marathon or a 120-150km km multi-sport race along remote locations in Sabah from the West Coast and deep into the heart of North Borneo either on foot or on a combination of mountain bike and on foot.

This is a race that involves basic orienteering and map reading skills to get from check point to check point and an unmarked race course in some of the most beautiful locations on the West Coast of Sabah that will be an experience to remember.

The Sabah Adventure Challenge is South East Asia’s oldest established adventure race since 1998 and remains an iconic race founded by competitors like you who wanted a weekend of competition amongst friends that started with 8 teams participating in the event and now, after 15 years, having seen well over 2000 competitors complete the event since it’s inception.

Multi-Sport Category
The Adventure Race category will see teams (duo) competing over 3 days and a distance of approx. 100-150 kilometers. All competitors will be required to ensure they have a mountain bike each and will have a mixture of trail running, mountain biking, a biathlon section and a possible tire tubing section as part of their disciplines during the 3 days of multi-sport events.

Ultra Trail Runners
Trail runners will compete on all 3 days of the event effective 2013 in an extended distance of 100km in total over the 3 days. Trail runners will commence the race together with multi-sport competitors and compete on the same race course and are expected to be self sufficient and able to operate independently.
Please note this is a un-marked race course and all competitors need to be able to navigate with topographic maps in both day and night environments in order to navigate across the entire race course throughout the event from check point to check point. A race course guide will be presented to each individual with a race course map each day (1 map/course notes per team in the multi-sport category) to help guide competitors from check point to check point.

Water Stations
Water stations will be set up periodically for all trail runners and adventure racers (generally a minimum of 3 water stations per day) spread over a 10km-20km distance along the race course each day. Meals are not provided on the race course during the day. Breakfast and dinner are provided at the race camp site for competitors.

Physical Fitness
Competitors registering for the multi-sport category or ultra trail marathon understand that they must be physically fit and mentally prepared for a difficult race course over the two day's and understand the risk's and associated with competing in an extreme endurance race.Some areas of the race course are not accessible to vehicles or medical teams and response times may vary according to weather, terrain and competitors.
Each runner will be timed from the START and to the time they cross the FINISH line. The total accumulated time over the three day's (ultra) or three day's (multi-sport) will determine your final race time.

Location Map

Terms and Conditions

*The race directors reserve the right to impose mandatory rest times at a designated check point during the course of the race for all competitors if there is a risk of heat stroke or if day time temperatures exceed a certain limit. This may vary from a 30 minute rest period to 1 hour rest period. The time spent waiting will be deducted from your total race time. *The race director also reserves the right to reduce or modify the race course without due notice ahead of time in the interest of safety or if a course change is forced on him due to conditions or events beyond his control. *The race director and event doctors reserve the right to withdraw a competitor if there is a medical need to do so and any decision made will be final. *Competitors suffering the following medical conditions ARE NOT ALLOWED to participate in this event: Congenital or rheumatic heart conditions, Hypertension, Myocarditis and other heart conditions, Coronary heart disease, coronary arterial disease, Serious arrhythmia, Diabetes, Any other disease which can be aggravated by running *We offer no refunds for registrations for this event. Competitors may swamp team mates for the adventure race or runners up to 60 days before the event. *The race director reserves the right to modify, change, or cancel the event be it from a 3 day event to a shorter route or event if circumstances beyond his control dictate the need for safety to be taken into consideration be it by an act of man or act of god. No refunds or compensation will be paid out for this. *All competitors will be camping out in a remote village for 2 nights and understand facilities will be extremely basic and Spartan unlike previous races where the event was held at resorts with top class facilities. *Competitors also hereby agree to abide by the official race mandatory kit requirements and understand failure to adhere to the mandatory kit list will result in your disqualification from either STARTING the event or being disqualified and stopped from proceeding at any point in time during the event. You are responsible for your own success or failure in this event. *Cheating is not tolerated. Any form of cheating will lead to an immediate disqualification and removal of a competitor or competitors from the event immediately. *Re-selling of race slots on ‘bibs 4 sale’ or any other similar types of group pages on facebook sites is strictly prohibited. Any competitor caught doing so will have their registrations cancelled immediately without refunds of any sort.

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