Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)
Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), 41, Jalan Tun Ismail, 50480, Ampang, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Lab Asia is the leading laboratory exhibition in Southeast Asia which focuses highly on scientific instruments and laboratory equipment for various industries, including medical & pharmaceutical, F&B, oil & gas, bioscience and nano-science.

As there is great demand for scientific laboratory equipment and services in the developing region Southeast Asia, Lab Asia has been conceptualized to cater to these need and demand by gathering the professionals and industry experts to showcase the latest scientific instruments & laboratory equipment, to build business networks, and to exchange industry information.

This exhibition also looks after the demand of South East Asia’s distributors and scientific dealers that are keen to take in new products to supply to the local market which acts as a support and conduit for their foreign principals.

There have been similar international lab shows in Germany, Middle East USA and Asia but to date, only Lab Asia, serves the purpose as being the main regional platform for the Southeast Asia market.

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Terms and Conditions

* Admission is restricted to trade professionals only. Minors aged 16 years and below will not be allowed entry into exhibition hall. * All visitors must be in proper attire. Those in shorts and slippers will not be allowed entry. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse admission to visitors who are not appropriately dressed. * Visitors shall not do, or permit anything to be done, which shall cause a disturbance, nuisance, annoyance, inconvenience, damage or danger to any person or thing or which in the opinion of The Organiser does not conform with the general standards of the Exhibition or amounts to a breach of these rules and regulations or applicable laws and regulations generally applying. * Visitors may not bring any camera, video recorder or recording equipment of any kind to the Exhibition without the prior written consent of The Organiser. The Organiser reserve the right to search the belongings of any visitor at any time. * It is expressly prohibited for visitors to record images in any form ("Images") while attending the Exhibition without the prior written consent of The Organiser. Such prohibition includes, but is not limited to, the taking of photographs, video recording of any type and drawing or sketching of Images. Visitors agree to surrender to The Organiser on demand any material in whatever media on which images may be recorded in violation of this rule, including but not limited to film, video tapes, sketchbooks, camera phones and digital storage devices. * The Visitor agrees that The Organiser shall not incur any liability to him or her for any products displayed or sold by any exhibitor at the Exhibition. Each Visitor agrees to indemnify and hold The Organiser harmless, on demand, against all claims, liabilities, losses, suits, proceedings, damages, judgments, expenses, costs (including legal fees) and charges of any kind howsoever incurred by or on behalf of or made against The Organiser arising out of any infringement or other claim relating to or arising out of the unauthorized taking of any Images by that Visitor. * The Visitor agrees that The Organiser shall not incur any liability to him or her for any error or omission in any information relating to any exhibitor or its products in the Exhibition's official directory or in any other promotional or other printed materials or information provided by The Organiser or that exhibitor. * No waiver by the Organiser of any of the provisions of these rules and regulations or of any of its rights hereunder shall have effect unless given in writing and signed by the Project Director of The Organiser. * The Organiser shall not be liable to any visitor for any loss of or damage to any of his or her property occurring (from whatever cause) in or about the Exhibition Centre nor for the death of or any injury sustained by any visitor whilst on or leaving the Exhibition Centre (other than for death or injury resulting from The Organiser negligence to the extent this cannot be excluded or restricted at law (and then only to such extent). * For security purpose and in order to prevent and detect crime, visitors may be subject to a random bag search and CCTV camera recording in the Exhibition Centre.Visitors agree that the personal data provided for registration for the Exhibition may be included in The Organiser’s database and used by The Organiser for promotional purposes.

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