9th Royal Belum Ironbound Challenge Series 2015

Belum Forest Reserve
Belum Forest Reserve, Pulau Banding Gerik, Gerik, 33300, Gerik, Perak, Malaysia
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You will be entered in the oldest rainforest in the world, feel the difference!!!!

The RBIB2015 is about the journey - discovering that adventure is everywhere. It is about challenging competitors, taking them to new places and out of their comfort zone. It is about showcasing incredible landscapes and providing regions an opportunity to connect people with places.

If you have been searching for that next big challenge or for an adventure that will create memories that will last a lifetime then the RBIB2015 is your event. The journey that RBIB2015 will take you on will be life changing expanding your physical and mental capabilities. This growth will impact not only your sporting life but also your personal and work life.

RBIB2015 will take racers to the wilds. Teams will navigate through spaces rarely visited. They will encounter challenges as they traverse demanding landscapes in all weather conditions.

Iron bound Challenge series, the greatest adventure racing in Malaysia, it has entered into 9 editions organized since 2002. Royal Belum Rain forest is located in Perak, Malaysia, was chosen to be the battleground at the 9th edition, this rain forest area covering 290,000 hectares, while at the top of this rain forest in the dense forest cover 117,500 hectares, is the oldest rainforest on earth.

The opening and closing ceremony will take place in BELUM RAINFOREST RESORT, PERAK, MALAYSIA. Opening ceremony will be on October 10th and will include a welcome by sponsors, dinner, teams presentation, and an official photo with the race’s jersey. The closing ceremony and party will be held on October 12th. It will include acknowledgment to the sponsors, prizes ceremony, dinner, and culture performance.

The disciplines for The 9th Royal Belum Iron Bound Challenge will be bamboo rafting, kayak (lake and river), mountain bike, trekking, ropes, orienteering and task force. Each team will be supplied timing devices, SPORTIDENT AIR+. Race format will be 2 days stage race with cut off time 10 hours for each day.

Fees includes:
- Logistical support for event
- On-site search, rescue and evacuation teams for emergency first aid
- Kayaks for the event
- Special disciplines equipment
- Finisher medal to all teams
- Souvenir to all teams
- All race maps for your team
- Official race vest
- IRON BOUND event shirt
- Team tracking and promo in web site
- Pre-race dinner
- Post-race dinner and party
- Race pack with goodies and event prizes (dependent on sponsorship)

* There will be a limit of 50 teams.

For registration online, please visit website at http://www.myraceonline.com/registration/index.php?Event=127

FULL TIME MANDATORY TEAM GEAR (Each team must have the following) :
- Cell phone in a water proof or zip lock baggie (organizer will provide a sim card)
- Bike pump
- Pen (suggest freeze proof pen)
- 2 x bike tube tire
- Knife with locking blade
- 1 x Lighter or water proof matches
- 8 x Zip / cable ties (minimum of 8” length)
- 1 Strobe Light – must be visible for 2 mile radius
- Survival Mirror

FULL TIME MANDATORY PERSONAL EQUIPMENT (Each team member must have the following) :
- 1 x Whistle
- 1 x Space Blanket
- 1 x Waterproof jacket (sealed or taped seams)

MANDATORY INDIVIDUAL BIKING EQUIPMENT (Each team member must have the following on all biking sections) :
- Mountain Bikes Only – in good condition
- Front lighting system - must be mounted on handlebars. (Teams may wear headlamps but they must also have a light mounted to the handlebars) if more than 12 Hours race
- Flashing red tail light mounted on bike (not on pack)
- Certified bike helmet or UIAA certified climbing helmet

- Means of carrying at least 2 liters liquid
- Water purifier or water purification tablets for entire team
- Teams should be prepared to acquire water from wild sources such as creeks
- Waterproof map case - (maps and instructions may become unusable or damaged from water if not protected)
- Headlamp – (every team members)
- 2 x orienteering compasses
- Food for entire race (10-12 hours) each day
- Long Pants
- Bike Gloves
- Synthetic Hat
- Dry Bag / Trash Bag
- Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Sun Glasses
- Chain Tool / Bike Repair Kit
- Bike Patch kit
- And of course Duct Tape

MANDATORY CLIMBING / ROPES GEARS (Each team member must have the following on all roping sections) :
- UIAA Climbing harness or certified bike helmet
- 3 x locking carabiner (screw gate or auto locking – fully certified UIAA and CE norms)
- 2 x figure of eight
- 2 x open sling - 120cm (length when pulled taut) either Nylon or Dyneema. Minimum width 11mm, maximum width 18mm. Must be commercially stitched to create loop and not knotted. Must be in good condition with no visible signs of wear and tear.
- 1 x prussic loop 30cm (length when taut) made out of 6mm cord using double Fisherman’s Knot for construction.
- 1 x ascension ascender - The ASCENSION handled rope clamp has a wide lower hole.

Location Map

Terms and Conditions

* If the team decides not to participate, and deposit has been made, teams will receive: - If cancellation is done before 31st May, 85% reimbursement. - If cancellation is done before 31st August, 50% reimbursement. - If cancellation is done after 30th September, no reimbursement. * As a competitor in The 9th Royal Belum Iron Bound Challenge Series event using this list, you and your team are required to carry the mandatory items with you at the specified times. * Checks of mandatory equipment may occur during the race and missing equipment may result in penalties or disqualifications as per the race rules. * If any items are used / consumed / lost during a leg, they must be replaced at the next point. * The mandatory is divided into two categories, equipment you and your team must carry at ALL times, and equipment you and your team must carry a specific discipline. * Race organizers will provide kayak type Sit On Top (SOT) and paddles. You may bring your own paddles and your own PFD's- Type III or higher, non-inflatable. The kayaks provided by race organizers have 2 seats (SOT). If you bring your own paddles or PFD's you will be required to carry them to the paddle start and back to the TA after the paddle. * PRE-RACE. Teams must comply with any registration procedures, equipment and competency checks and attend all compulsory briefing and function as scheduled by the race organizer. * GEARS. Teams and team members must carry mandatory equipment as described in RBIB2015 [The 9th Royal Belum Iron Bound Challenge 2015] equipment list, as well as any race specific items directed by the race organizer. * RACE COURSE OUTLINE. Teams must complete the race course as directed in the course diagram map, though race checkpoints (CPs) and transition areas (TAs), by the racing discipline specified, using the maps and coordinate provided by the race organizer. The first team to complete the event, having complied with all rules, and any penalties taken into consideration, will be considered the winning team. * TEAM. Teams must travel and complete the course together, without substitution, and with team members being close enough to see communicate verbally with each other at all times. * ASSISTING. Teams may not receive outside assistance during the race. * MEDICAL AND EMERGENCIES. Any team who encounters a medical emergency, be it in their own team or another team, or external to the event, must stop to render assistance. * ENVIRONMENT. Teams must treat the environment and landscape [Royal Belum Rainforest] of the course with respect and leave minimal evidence of their racing. * CONDUCT. Racer must conduct themselves in a respectful the local culture manner at all times, without cheating, abusive behavior, language or violence. * BANNED SUBSTANCES. The use racers of banned substances as specified in the Anti-Doping Agency of Malaysia (ADAMAS) code. * PENALTIES. Teams who do not complete the course diagram as directed, and in accordance with the rules, may receive a time penalty, an Unranked [UR] status, a Did Not Finish [DNF] status, a Disqualification [DQ] or Out Of Race [OR]. * PROTEST. Protest of these rules is the responsibility of the Race Referee if designated, the Race Director and the Race Jury. Any formal protest by a team must be submitted in writing as soon as possible, and not later than 12 hours after the team finishes or withdraws from the race. * RACE SPECIFIC RULES. Each race may have specific rules for that race only. Where there is a conflict of rules, the race specific rules will take precedence. * For more detailed about rules & regulations, please visit website at http://www.malaysiaarsport.com/resources/Rules%20%26%20Regulation%20RBIB%202015.pdf

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