Grand Stage Show "TAIJI" World Tour In Malaysia 《太极之旅》环球行马来西亚站

Panggung Sari
Panggung Sari, Jalan Tun Razak, Istana Budaya, 50694, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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A traveler, exhausted physically and mentally from giving performances all over the world,hopes to find his source of energy. Summoned by the Tai Ji Diagram, he goes to the Orient and meets the mythical Red Bird. Guided by the Red Bird, the traveler enters the realm of Tai Ji and embarks upon a fascinating adventure. After conquering numerous dangers and difficulties and meeting with many masters of Tai Ji boxing, the traveler meets the Great Tai Ji Master, from whose hand he receives the Energy Ball, his own source of energy, and at the same time integrates Tai Ji into his life.

太极图宣传片 :

大型舞台秀《太极图》宣传片 :


中国国际文化交流中心介绍 :

习主席重要批示中国国际文化交流中心 :


承蒙《全民共享太極,促進一個和諧馬來西亞》的和諧理念,中國大型舞台秀《太極圖》成功獲得數位隱名善心人士和企業家的鼎力支持 - 即赞助每张所售出之门票价额的35%。

因此, 由5月6日至18日期间,社會人可以以35%的拆扣优惠购得门票,希望大家爭取机會觀賞千载難逢的中國大型舞台秀《太極圖》,支持中華民族和諧文化《太極文化》的傳承!順止也愉悅《太極之旅環球行,馬來西亞站》大大成功,馬中的友好關係通過和諧文化更為進展加強!


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