Run For Your Lives Malaysia 2015

Penang Botanic Gardens
Penang Botanic Gardens, 10470, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
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Run For Your Lives Malaysia 2015 outbreak will infect Penang Botanic Gardens on Saturday, 16th May 2015. We are looking for Survivors or if you are infected, you can be Zombies in this Apocalypse.

You’ve played the video games. You’ve watched the movies. You’ve even followed the whole TV series. Now’s the time to put what you know into practice.

Maybe you fancy your chances reaching the Safe Zone for supplies through a Zombie-infested 5K route laced with demanding obstacles? Or perhaps getting transformed into one of the "running dead", Zombies hell-bent on stopping the Survivors in their tracks? This is the chance to Run For Your Lives.

Run For Your Lives is the world’s premier Zombie-infested 5K obstacle course. Participants assume the role of either a Survivor or a Zombie in this one-of-a-kind event filled with thrilling chases, rocking music and a kick-ass dance party finale. Part obstacle course, part music festival, and a full on encounter with "the running dead", Run For Your Lives promises a fun day (and night) with friends, colleagues and evil ex-bosses alike.

Now ask yourself: When was the last time you ran for your life?

Roles of Survivors
Your goal is simple: Get to the Safe Zone with at least one life remaining. There is only one thing standing in your way, Zombies. Lots of them. The three lives around your waist are like natural Zombie magnets that unwillingly attract their attention as you attempt to dash past them. Adding to the difficulty are the treacherous natural and man-made obstacles littered all over the route. Equipped with only your two feet and quick wits, you'll quickly see that it's not how fast you run, but how well you run that matters. Will you Survive?
WHAT TO BRING : Your confirmation slip, Identification, A change of clothing, A change of footwear, A towel (rinse facilities are available onsite), Money for food and drinks

Roles of Zombies
Your skin has turned paler. Your cheeks have lost the look of life. Bits of flesh are hanging from your chin, some of which are your own. You see a perfectly healthy young person and for some strange reason, you have the urge to follow him, along with hundreds of others just like you. Led to an open grassy patch, you realise that you are confined within this zone with no means of escape. In a distance, a rowdy bunch of Survivors are coming your way. You spot their blood red life flags and you feel an insatiable hunger. You want those flags, and you want them bad. You are the Running Dead.
WHAT TO BRING : Your confirmation slip, Identification, A set of old clothes for ripping and disfiguring, A change of clothing, A change of footwear, A towel (rinse facilities are available onsite), Money for food and drinks

Roles of Spectators
Where else can you mingle with your fellow Survivors to recount stories of your near misses and deft moves while escaping from Zombie clutches. Or roam around in your newly transformed ugly self, posing for pictures where you pretend to dine on the limbs of unsuspecting passersby. When all's been said and done, there's no place like the Safe Zone. Grab a drink, partake in fringe activities, be entertained by the stage programmes and dance the night away at our Apocalypse dance party finale.

Location Map

Terms and Conditions

* Do arrive sober. * Visibly intoxicated participants will not be allowed to participate in the race. * No drugs, outside alcohol, or outside food/beverages are permitted. * Alcoholic beverages can only be consumed by participants above the legal drinking age of 18. * Official event photographers and videographers will be stationed along the course. If you see one of these guys lurking around, do give a great big smile and you could be featured in one of our future promos. You will be granting us the rights to use your picture, glamorous or not, when you sign up for the event. * Do NOT bring weapons or mock weapons to the event premises. * No form of wheel-run objects of transport, e.g. inline skates, prams, push cars, shoes with built-in or attached rollers, are allowed on the course during the race except official event and medical vehicles. * No pets are allowed into the event grounds. Not even if they’re trained to hunt Zombies. * Do NOT cause direct and intentional physical contact with any Survivor or Zombie. You are not to touch, hit, punch, tackle, roundhouse kick, slap, scratch, pinch, spit on, bite… no matter how frightened or frightening you may be. Those in violation of this rule will be automatically disqualified and potentially escorted off of the grounds, without refund. * Survivors : Wear your lifebelt on your waist, with one flag on the left and right each, and the last flag on the back. Life flags are to be clearly visible to Course Officials and Zombies. Survivors can choose to skip an obstacle, and still be able to complete the race. In the event all flags have been taken from you, you are NOT automatically transformed into a Zombie. You may NOT take another Survivor’s flags or pick up flags off the ground. * Zombies : All Zombies are highly encouraged to complete the full Zombie transformation process. Use your speed, if not, overwhelm in numbers. It’s the battle for the living! Zombies may pull off flags from the escaping Survivors, but only one flag at a time. Giving Survivors a (false) hope of survival. * For more detailed terms and conditions, please visit website at

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