Weekly Sat Board Games Over Coffee (TTDI,KL)

Hobby N Coffee Espresso Cafe
Hobby N Coffee Espresso Cafe, 60000, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Weekly Sat Board Games Over Coffee (TTDI,KL) will be organized at Hobby N Coffee Espresso Cafe on 18 July 2015.
* Weekly board game session at Hobby N Coffee (hobby cafe).
* You can play board game for free (from `play sets` in Hobby N Coffee). We also encourage you to bring your own game sets to play.
* This event is also meant for people to find `kaki` to play board games together. You can bring your friends or just show up on your own (there should be a number of people there). All games are open during this event time so feel free to introduce yourself and join in the fun.
* This event is free, just order a drink.

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Terms and Conditions

* Please remember to help & pack back (as best as you can) any `play sets`, or set provided by Hobby N Coffee or other players that you take to play. * All participants enters at his/her own risk. The Organizer, or the venue will not be responsible for any injury sustained during this event due to personal negligence or negligence from other participants. * Dont harass other attendees by pushing products or services to them. * No outside food or drinks (ex: having a picnic by bringing home cooked food, or beer into the venue) * Have fun