Power Investing Workshop 2016

Beyond Insights Training Center
Beyond Insights Training Center, 46200, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
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Power Investing Workshop 2016 will be organized at Beyond Insights Training Center on 27 - 28 February 2016.

* Course Highlights:
- Understanding how U.S. and global stock markets work.
- Learn to choose the top growth sectors and industries to invest or trade in.
- Understand Key Criteria for stock selections and how to screen them in the Fastest way.
- Understand Key Economic Indicators and how to take Advantage of them.
-Know the Biggest Influences on stock price movements and How You can Profit from them.
- Learn the most Practical way to time your Entries and Exits for every trade – use what the Professionals are actually using to trade for a living, no hype and nothing academic.
- Gain the ability to detect Major Breakout Signals to identify opportunities for high returns.Learn how to spot Potential Reversals.Learn how to identify Market Strengths / Weaknesses.

* How this Workshop will Benefit You:
- For Value Investors and all Traders
-Maximize your long term success by choosing stocks with highest growth potential with lowest risk.
-Save you time and effort in sifting through thousands of stocks before you find one to trade.
- Maximize your Returns on Investment by timing your Entries and Exits.
- Improve your chances of Success by your Ability to Assess the Best Reward over Risk trades.
- For Medium Term Traders
- Build your portfolio of top 10 stocks that you can use to generate consistent income over and over again. Best if combined with CFD and Options Strategies.
- Take Advantage of Economic Sentiment to buy stocks or indices at bargain prices.
- Adopt a winning methodology to make your trading much more effortless.
- Identify Key long and short term trading patterns.
- Spot fast reversal using Price Action Analysis to make quick profit.

* For online registration, please visit to this website https://www.eventbrite.com/e/power-investing-workshop-kuala-lumpur-tickets-19314230383?ref=ebapi

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