Cognitive Coaching (Part 2) with William (Bill) and Ochan Powell

International School of Kuala Lumpur
International School of Kuala Lumpur, Taman Melawati, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Cognitive Coaching (Part 2) with William (Bill) and Ochan Powell will be organized at International School of Kuala Lumpur on 17 - 20 March 2016.

* Part 2 of the Cognitive Coaching course includes Days 5 -8 of the Cognitive Coaching Foundation Course. In order to register for Part 2, participants must have completed Part 1. Part 2 will provide participants with a deeper understanding of how to support the thinking of others. Time for review, integration and practice is provided so that participants develop confidence and understanding of how and when they can apply their skills. This course will also support participants in developing the skills of facilitation.

* As a result of workshop activities, learners will:
- Understand the processes and structures underslying 'reflection into planning' and Problem-Resolving and apply them in coaching conversations.
- Understand the influence of cognitive style, filters of perception and belief systems that influence their own and the coachee's thinking.
- Develop skills to invite cognitive shift in the coachee.
- Become sensitive to the coachee's State of Mind.
- Craft mediative questions to access and elevate different States of Mind.
- Become increasingly aware of and sensitive to the nonverbal communication of others.
- Develop skills in supporting coachees in recognising 3rd party problems and reframing them in the 1st party.
- Become metacognitive about their own learning.

* The workshop is highly interactive and will include:
- Review and integration
- Small group / whole class activities
- A variety of learning strategies and protocols that are easily transferable to classroom settings
- Readings from the CC Learning Guide, 10th Edition
- Numerous opportunities for practice

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