Golden Monkey Year Live In Genting

Arena of Stars
Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia
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Golden Monkey Year Live In Genting will be organized at Arena of Stars, Genting Highland on 29th February 2016.

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Anna Tong is a singer from New Southern Record Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. She began to record her first Mandarin album and Hokkien album in 1999. Besides, she also can sing Mandarin and English songs. She started participating in singing competition when she was just 7 years old. She won her first bronze with singing 《冬恋》. Her teacher is Chan Rong Bao. Her famous song are 《人生劝世歌》, 《石头心》, 《慢慢等》 and 《新无言的结局》.

Liu Jun Er minor mainly in Cantonese song. So she likes to sing Cantonese classic songs. She likes singing and dancing. She can speak fluent Cantonese. Liu Jun Er loves to sing since she was a kid. She has won the “Malaysian Opera Singing Competition”. She is the only female singer that is very good in singing Cantonese song. Her signature songs are 《啼笑姻缘》, 《一水隔天涯》 and 《何必苦痴缠》.

Jane Tan minor mainly in classic songs. She had over nine years singing and performing experience. She always performs classic Mandarin songs. Malaysians fans love her performance very much. Her signature songs are 《一串心》 and 《缘份》.

Vivian Lea has many performance experiences. She won Astro Star Quest in 2000. After this, she started to become an artist. In 2013 she returned to her company for her fourth album named 《分手情歌》. She had been launched classic songs and songs that are famous in internet. This is because her fans think that she's more suitable in singing cover songs. In her new album, she recorded 《香水有毒》, 《爱情惹得祸》 and etc as her new songs.

Alex and David Show are cousins. They usually participate in singing competition as a team. They had won multiple prizes through different competitions. Therefore, they are very famous now. Each of them has their own singing style and their famous song is 《爱得起放不下》.

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