Vision Weekend Bicycle Treasure Hunt

Jalan Sungai Air Putih
Jalan Sungai Air Putih, Jalan Sungai Air Putih, 11000, Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
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Vision Weekend Bicycle Treasure Hunt will be organized at Jalan Sungai Air Putih, 11000 Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia on 1st May 2016 (Sunday).

* For online registration, please visit this website

The Vision Weekend Treasure Hunt is a most unique event that involves a number of unique skills, such as the abilities of cycling, pathfinding and teamwork.

As a participant, your senses will be put to the test and you will get to experience the beauty of Balik Pulau and all its bounty in this exciting Treasure Hunt!

You will be riding with a very special guest, namely your partner. This ride is a team event, and requires team of two to pair up to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. So grab your friend and come hunt for some treasure in the exotic part of Penang!

There are also magnificent prizes awaiting you when you conquer the hunt and return successfully to the Vision Weekend parade grounds. Join in today as places are limited! Only the first 150 people will be accepted!

Treasure Hunt Registration
The Vision Weekend Treasure Hunt is a most unique event and thus has some special options for you.

You can choose from two registration options:
1. The cool fundraising method
2. The regular registration method

Cool Fundraising Method
- No registration fee
- Each registrant will raise funds on his own and will be given a set of fundraising targets
i. RM100 per team/pair to qualify to receive a goodies bag containing a commemorative shirt and other special handmade gifts and souvenirs!
ii. RM500 per team/pair for Right to Ride (permission to join in the treasure hunt event)
- Each registrant will be given a booklet to record his donations. Booklet will contain information about the Vision Weekend event and the aims thereof.
- Success at reaching the RM100 target will mean registrant will get the Goodie Bag only.
- Success at reaching the RM500 target will mean registrant will be able to participate in the Treasure Hunt.
- As a bonus, participants that manage to hit their donation target will be allowed to participate in a special Treasure Hunt Lucky Draw! Lucky Draw prizes are below.

Regular Registration Method
Alternatively, you can sign up for the cycling event the old fashioned way!
Simply pay a registration fee of RM80/pax and be eligible to take part in this wonderful event! You will also receive a smashing goodies bag containing a commemorative T-shirt and other special handmade gifts and souvenirs!
Regardless of your choice, your contribution will go towards helping and supporting the Persatuan Tongkat Putih and the visually impaired community of Malaysia

Treasure Hunt Method
1. Route will comprise 6 waypoints at key locations around Balik Pulau. Each waypoint will have a Hunt Station where participants will have to do a task and gain points based on their time taken to complete the task.
2. At each Hunt Station, there will be volunteers and assistants to help.
3. Each task is designed to allow the blind participant to be on pair with the sighted.
Example: Identify through smell only a particular spice.
4. Participants will be set different routes to prevent congestion.
5. Marshalls will be posted along the route to ensure safety.
6. Police and Rela will be mobilized to ensure smooth and safe traffic.
7. Most of the route will be on rural roads and cycling trails.
8. Start and end point will be at Pedal Cafe.

Goodies Bag Contents
Each goodies bag will come with:
- A specially designed drawstring bag
- A handmade local craft gift
- A cleverly designed event shirt

If you wish to show your support for the visually impaired and the Persatuan Tongkat Putih, please contact Jas at 016-485 1745. Thank you.

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