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The 24H RELAY is another 24 hour endurance event organised by TEAM Sports, following the success of the 24H.  This new event mixes serious ultra-running with a 24 hour team relay race.

The 24H RELAY is all about teamwork.  You can either take part as a team of 2 or team of 4 participants.  Each member takes turn to run or walk as fast or much as you could then pass the chip to the next member.

How you organise your team is entirely up to you and there are only a few rules:-

- Each member of the team has to cover at least one lap.

- There should only be one person from your team on the route at any time.

- It is fine for the whole team to take a break and resume running when you want to.


Team of 2 Mixed (1 woman + 1 man)

Team of 2 Men

Team of 2 Women

Team of 4 Mixed (at least 1 woman or 1 man)

Team of 4 Men

Team of 4 Women

For more details, check out www.24HRELAY.com or follow our event Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/24hrelay/


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