If Walls Could Talk (1 year anniversary) featuring Datuk A. Samad Said and Az Samad

Gaslight Cafe & Music
Gaslight Cafe & Music, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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If Walls Could Talk (1 year anniversary) featuring Datuk A. Samad Said and Az Samad will be organized at Gaslight Cafe & Music on 9th -10th June 2016 (Thursday - Friday).


Poets and poetry lovers, we welcome you to the nineteenth session of our poetry and spoken word open mic at Gaslight Cafe & Music.


DATUK A. SAMAD SAID was born in Singapore on February 8th, 1932. Samad’s first job was at the Singapore General Hospital but six months later he moved to Kuala Lumpur to work for the newspaper, Fikiran Rakyat. He then joined Berita Harian, a national daily and became its editor. At the same time, he was also made special assistant to the group editor of The Straits Times Group. Samad left the Group in 1987 and since then has been a full-time writer. Samad is renowned for his poetry, novels, short stories, essays and plays. His major works include Salina, Hujan Pagi, Cinta Fansuri, Al-Amin, Warkah Eropah and Lantai T. Pinkie. He received the Southeast Asia Write Award in 1979 and in 1986 was accorded the Anugerah Sasterawan Negara (National Literary Award), Malaysia’s leading literary award.

AZ SAMAD is a Malaysian guitar wizard who has recorded with Grammy Winners Flaco Jiménez and Max Baca; graduated and taught at the prestigious Berklee College of Music; performed in the United States, Europe & Asia; and appeared on 22 CDs ranging in styles from Tex-Mex, Contemporary Jazz to solo acoustic guitar. His works have been described as “richly textured, poetic and atmospheric”. Az has represented Malaysia internationally at Jarasum International Jazz Festival (Korea), Culturefest WV (USA), European Broadcasters Festival (Spain), Mosaic Music Festival (Singapore) and the Philippines International Jazz Fest (Philippines). 


ANDREA TEE is a writer and an educator. She is very happy to be here.

JACK MALIK is Projek Rabak's young poet, he's (almost) everywhere every time there's an open mic or impromptu poetry reading. Been digging poetry scenes as much as he can 

KIERAN MATHERS is working on being outspoken, he didn't know whatWill Beale was getting him into when he invited him to read at IWCT! Still very happy to be here though.

DHABITAH ZAINAL is a poet who has conquered her fear of public speaking and found solace in stages after her first performance at IWCT almost a year ago. She writes to survive.

ANASTASSIA IRINA is working on her transformation from princess to warrior. She continues to sing aloud but aspires to burn dragons and villains with her words.

THE MURUKU MURMURATIONS is a trio, about a year old consisting of Swit, Sheril & Joanna who write poetry both separately & together. They release their poetry on their blog

TSHIUNG HAN SEE is your friendly neighborhood mic adjuster. He will walk up to you from his hiding place offstage and adjust your mic.

ENBAH NILAH is a literature major who would sooner write a dissertation than one witty line of introduction. 

MUHAMMAD ZHAFIR is a rapper who is a positive person that's delaying the day he writes a real poem about himself.

NABILA NAJWA goes on dating sites to prey on persons-without-poetry™ and show them the path to enlightenment.

HANA SUDRADJAT is an aspiring gothic nerd who’s no longer ashamed to admit that she’s currently struggling with food anxiety. 

AIMAN AZRI longs to be a hungry artist. He's got the first part down pat.

PRAVEEN KUMAR is a filmmaker, photographer and all round nice fler. 

DATUK DR M. SHANMUGHALINGAM is an award-winning poet who has his work published in several national and international anthologies and university publications at Harvard, Malaysia, Oxford and Singapore. His most recent poem and short story in Little Basket and TRASH were just launched by Buku Fixi, at the London Book Fair. 

TEAM DEMIGODS are a group of crazy homeschooling kids who are discovering their voices amid the rollercoaster ride that is life. 
They are: 
1. Amanda Danker and Ain Nabila - two teen poets with a passion for words in all its forms. 
2. Jared Loke, Ain Nabila and James Goh - a trio who want to express themselves in whatever language they can. 
3. Faeq Haiqal and Armand - a duo who are discovering how language can make you powerful in spirit and heal your soul.

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